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Shark Fin Soup

this idea was in my mind for so long. Finally did it properly today
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You DO know that that kind of "attack" willl never EVER happen whatsoever, right ?
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I know what you meeeeean. Ignorance is hard to fight, and I mean that in as non-offensive away as possible.
Lioyd-Irving's avatar
Bleh, old comment. First thing to do is to get it in people's heads that Jaws is about as realistic as Star Wars.
lylie-foak's avatar
Basically :] Sorry for the resurrection, just got me rooting is all :)
Lioyd-Irving's avatar
Not that I'm any less against it, mind you. I'd have to even if I didn't care about their suffering, because if they're gone, the entire ecosystem is fucked.
lylie-foak's avatar
It's so true. I wish more people could see how interrelated everything is, but in truth it's difficult for environmentally-ignorant people to want to hear/be willing to believe that they need to live differently for a concept that's so vague to them. If that made any sense.
Lioyd-Irving's avatar
And it's not just restricted to nature, either; plenty of ignorance is perpetuated by what seems like common sense, but isn't. Hell, we'd have to give our assumptions a rest in a world where you can literally starve yourself fat.
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LOL! Amazing drawing.
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woow thats messed up!
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So like Slayers! :)
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Hahaha good strip :) you're good at this.

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The expression of the shark in the last panel is priceless XD
jwhx's avatar
again, you are cute.

(i sound like a mad women)
dunno wat to say. wahahahaaha....

u should make lots of comic LUn, i enjoy it. qeqeqeqe
mclelun's avatar
hehehe. thanks
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