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December 25, 2009
Santa Need Help by ~mclelun Santa Claus is coming ♪ to tow.. oh f**
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Suggested by gurugu-mawaru
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Santa Need Help

Santa need some help there.

a common idea, I believe lot of peoples joke about this before.
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EmmetEarwax's avatar
All these jokes are negated by the fact that Santa has control over space. Just as all the toys fit into one bag, and surely he can change the space within a chimney.
Libertades's avatar
I'm trying not to laugh.
[link] im trying to get this as far as i can please help me
princessmuze's avatar
XD so gonna see if i can animate it but i shall give you full credit ^O^
Faylahh's avatar
Hah, a classic has just been deviatified XD
NekoKitty447's avatar
"Mommy, Santa IS real!! See? He's to fat to get out of the chiminy!" :+fav:
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Flashfire97's avatar
10 for sticking the landing there Santa. Now you just have 1,794,635,873 more chimneys to get stuck in! YEAH!!!!! rofl
animel's avatar
Bahaha lovely expression, I don't know whether he is angry or sad but It's great!!
DeadSt's avatar
the reaction on his face is just hilarious :rofl:
OffTopicRamblings's avatar
Sure the joke is overused but that expression?
Made the joke.
IssacBlast's avatar
I could so imagine this on a gym door Christmas morning.

Sign up now for our 'Chimney Sweep Special'!

Slim down that Santa Stuffing and get the goods lookin' good!
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:music: There's somethin' stuck up in the chimney, an' I don't know what it is, but it's been there all night long~
Well, I waited up for santa all Christmas night, but he never came, an' it don't seem right,
that there's somethin' stuck up in the chimney an' it doesn't make a sound, but I wish you a Merry Christmas! :music:

Ever heard that one? It's called The Chimney Song, by the Bob Rivers Comedy Corp. It's very cute.
leotheyardiechick's avatar
Dude needs a Nordic Track. :rofl:
slight-art-obsession's avatar
That's freakin' hilarious!
Biddieboo's avatar
He needs some bacon grease, stat!

Fun idea, true, it has been done before, but each one is a little different :3
jacobsmacob's avatar
fat free milk and celery sticks!!! stop leaving the dude unhealthy snacks if you want presents, kids!!!! geez! lol! this is kick ass funny! really made my suckish christmas better!:XD:
Web-Nightingale's avatar
Grrrrrreat, dude!
This explains why i didn't get anything last night
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