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Salt Flat

No people in office, so I did more cloud practice

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Beautiful <3
I wish I could paint like that (*≧∀≦*)
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Hello! I am an orchestral music composer and I found your works very interesting! First of all, congrats, there is no single painting of yours which failed to amaze me! And, is there a possibility that I could use one of your paintings as an artwork of an upcoming piece?
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how could you makes this perfect scenery!!! love it :D
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Wow! that's Awsome :love:
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I like how the image looks so clean, with only few elements it looks pretty complete actually.
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I wish I could paint like that xP
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You wish you CLOUD paint loke that :D

Ba dump pss!
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Yep, my goal before finishing schol is to be able to draw and paint so realisticly that it would look like a photo, ofcourse its just a goal i might never reach it
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I'm sure you will reach your goal and beyond, maybe not before end the school but i'm sure some day!
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I hope so, it will be awesome ^^
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And now our too charachters aprouch a new chalange that is ending this conversation...somehow. Will they sucseed?! We will se in next episode "insert title here"
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That was dramatic! XD
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