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Pipe Dream Flash Game



"Pipe Dream/Pipe Mania" is one of my favourite puzzle game that I played during the DOS era. did this simple remake in 2012
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I tried it, it's a bit fast, not enough time to build nice long fancy pipe line for extra points, it's a bit too fast paced, I'd like a slower paced, more zen like game, but so far this is the only replacement that works on windows 10, without faffing with virtual machines, or faffing with dos box and installing win 3.1 in dosbox, I did find a remake for windows in the microsoft store, but it's not available, although it looks decidedly similar to this, colours etc, are like they've copied you, rather than anything similar to their original game.

Link to the unavailable game on Microsoft Store... Astoundingly similar, shame it's not available to play, or I'd try it, to see what it's actual game play is like...

But for now, I'll say thanks, and favourite'd as the only alternative that works on my Windows 10 without too much faff 😊