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Outdoor Hallway

Photoshop, Blender3D (pylon, radio tower), photo reference.

Walkthrough / Not really a tutorial.
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Thanks for your effort

You're the best!
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This is so beautiful, I can't stop staring at it
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nice work! keep it up:)
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"I will write about my workflow on this soon. Link will be update here."

Wohooo! Much appreciated! :D

Please let us know if we can help with proofreading!
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Link is in description now. Tell me if anything is confusing or there is a better way of explaining it. English is not my first language. :)
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Read it all! It seems pretty easy to understand, but I get the impression this isn't exactly a newbie tutorial - you might want to add something to your description here to the effect that people might need to research in brush effects such as scatter and jitter (so that people who don't know those can read up a bit first and then read your tutorial).

It's really much appreciated, I think it's wonderful that you took the time to make this! The bit I'd have had more difficulty with, believe it or not, is how you add a certain kind of light at the end! I will certainly try it out now that you explained it! Very good use of pictures and steps. :)

THANKS SO SO MUCH! And great job as usual!
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for the light part, try to add a new layer, and paint some colors with it, then change the layer blending mode to "screen" or "linear dodge".
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Yup, yup - I understood that from your walkthrough: what I meant to say is that before you explained it I never really got the same effect. :)
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WOAH :heart: i love this!
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