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Lights and Shadow

One thing I notice on anime background,
the lights pass through the leaves and cast the shadow on the floor.
err.. what am i talking about

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This is beautiful! You make me want to focus on creating backgrounds now! hahahaha :D :)
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Seriously amazing!! I have to say I think my most favorite aspects of the japanese anime style are the intricate details that go into making the backgrounds, the dynamics on the clothing and the animation on the characters movements (i.e running, jumping etc...) 
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VERY VERY AWESOMEEEEE.>////< differ from me who just ditch blender because I find it confusing like hell ~ =.=
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Such a beautiful artwork. But umm... that place reminds me of an anime. Just no sure what that is. Still, whatever! :D
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yes, anime style :)
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This is so beautiful again...
I wish I wouldn't lack the ability of drawing backgrounds >.<
Wonderful colours!
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Keep on drawing, and you will improve.
Look at my old background art, it is not as good as this :)
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I hope so much x3
Thank you for your kind words!
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I just blog about what I have found out on background art so far. Maybe it will be usefull for you
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Oh, how nice! Thanks a lot!
This is absolutely helpful! I Still need to figure out how the masking layers work, as I never used them, but everything else is wonderfully explained!
Can't wait to try it out!
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Great work!

I like the amount of details and the balance between realism and anime-like rendering.
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