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Nothing is forever.
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this is cute ! lol
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ahah mega funny!!! XD
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reminds me of the time on my 7th bday i had an ice cream cake, but it was left out in the the time i was going to cut the was a puddle of sticky stuff....:*(
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haha love the expressions in pannel 2 and 3.
I was contemplating about "nothing lasts forever" aswell about 10 mins ago
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and they brighten the world, if they never burn, yaps, they might be able to stay longer, but they will never burn.

i don't care if the candle light last forever, at least it brighten my life for once.

forever, doesn't it really matter?
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that's a good interpretion. hehe
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:P thanks. same goes to our life, isn't it.
who care how long i alive?
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Tats funny and...
so called real! :)
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so cute! happy new year! :D *nothing last forever ;p*
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:3 so cute... and tragic... :O
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hmmm...i fel funi when see those comic,when my turn my page down,i saw "nth is 4ever", stun me suddnly....
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poor little cute candle T_T =D=D=D
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