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Fantastic Weekend

there goes my weekend,
rotting myself at home.
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Cordyceps o,o
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As much as this is humorous, it is true for whole lot of people, including myself I would love to find more productive uses during the weekends.
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lmao brilliant
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this would be me on a weekend that i actually DON'T have to play sports.:P
mclelun's avatar
I don't play sports for a long time. except using my finger with mouse. lol
Doomymcmushroom's avatar
i've been in sports since 3rd grade...D:
never get a break...:*(
once i get to high school though...the only 'sport' i'll be doing is gym!xD
ghostjunk's avatar
hahaha, sweetness.
rtbooker18's avatar
if those are psychadelic mushrooms then you hit the jackpot!
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Thats really funny! I also like to do my drawings in flash =P

henya66's avatar
That sounds uh..educational. :dead:
Razkall's avatar
XD great one!!!
NemisiswillNIL8U's avatar
I'm afraid to ask where the terd cam from? <3>
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:lmao: usually the weekend will b gone in a blink of an eye! :giggle:
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look any movie or do something diferent! xD
jwhx's avatar
................good, u can make mushroom soup for ur sunday dinner :
Yrox's avatar
OTL funny ^^
Rotiing yourself...

GREAT!! so fuunny!!
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