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Evening and Night

Using yesterday cityscape model to render night and evening scene. 
blender3d internal render
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how did you achieve the lights on the windows, is that a second layer of texture.
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Yes, another texture with emission value. 
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Mclelun can I use the background that you have rendered? I will credit to you after that
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Out of curiosity, did you make each individual building in this? If so, did you use any tricks to speed up the process? That's a lot of modeling to do yourself. 
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search for creativeshrimp city tutorial.
all buildings are extrude from openstreetmap 2D data. but other details are modeling
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Wow, that's really really cool. This kind of stuff has always just fascinated me, I really need to get around to doing some of it myself. It looks super fun and the results are awesome! 
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very nice! I am actually just starting with digital art and i am using your works as reference hehehe i really suck at clouds though
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