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Inside the mind of someone who is suffering depression. This sequence was also original part of longer comic, just like the "cat meme save us all" comic I did earlier.
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As someone with depression, this is definitely an abbreviation of the cycle, but it kind of has to be in order to make the point. Also definitely hits on all the right points, the right sensations, the right thoughts. Well done.
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Awesomely uplifting, and ... YES! ...a DD into your basket as well. Well deserved, BIG congrats! :) :hug:
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Gg c'est tellement touchent ;-; !
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Amazing work! Powerful message.
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Aw that’s so sweet I feel like this could really help repressed people
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I can not really say, I just have Niagara Falls coming out of my eyesT_T 
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This is so powerful, I never saw something like this. Thank you so much. .:Bunny love:. 
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depression is a bad thing, never tryd it even though i should, i have all the reasones to have it, but i decided not to have it, 
i was the talles and the oldes among my class, i had to go to school to late, and people would make funn out of me, but i was , so what , but not every one have the power to do this, so we get to help thouse who we think might have it 
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This is gorgeous.  Thank you
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BatMed this is beautiful...
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Not exactly my case, but i chose to be pour in a psycgological clinic, I probably would le Dead otherwise by now.. I won't go into the details, but nice description. Hope i ready the end soon 😊
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Y'know, that's exactly what I've been telling someone for weeks now. (The lower part that is).

However telling this to someone who's blocking out everything but their own negativity is...difficult to say the least.
But this describes just about the way I see it myself quite splendidly.

So yeah, a job well done.
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BTW, Thank you for this.
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It's funny how people tell you everything will be alright. Ignorance is bliss, I been leaving with depression and anxiety for more than 13 years now. It doesn't go away you just simply live with it and learn to manage it to a point where you think is somewhat satisfactory. I have my ups and downs like everyone. Try my hardest to think that everything is normal but in the back of my head I know is simply not the case.

I've accepted what I have and is neurological in its purest form. This is a psychological condition that manifest itself in odd ways each day. To be honest it hits me differently every single time. Imagine being in a boxing match but you don't know where the punches are coming from. Is like a presence but you can't make what it is.

You can take all the medication in the world and sadly the emptiness remains. So where do you find true comfort as far as your state of mind goes? The doctor keeps telling you there are people far worse than you. Perhaps. Does it make it any better? No. My mind was wired a certain way and now for lack of better words is rewired. Do I make fun of what I have...? All the time.

When your mind is fracture everything becomes honest but at the same time it corrupts the way you view the world around you. I see things for what they are and not the other way around. I don't see it as bleak as before. I'd much rather picked door number 2 but it wasn't available. xD

Am I in a constant struggle with myself...? Of course. Is isn't everyone on this planet? Then again telling yourself there's nothing wrong is at best wishful thinking. To suffer from the depression is like the most honest to you'll ever be towards your emotions. Nothing comes close at least at a chemical level. xD

For those of who are constantly reminded of their ailment... STOP and rewind a bit for this is the moment you are truly alive. You will reconsider the malady that takes whole of you when you are most vulnerable. Is okay to scream or sob. If there's anything I've learned since I have depression is knowing that is here to stay. Does it bring any closure realizing am permanently scar? The truth is, yes. It may seem far fetched for some but nothing is more clear in my mind.

Anyways, I care little for what others have to say really. If you can't walk in my shoes don't bother with your petty sentiment. I know what I have and deal with it everyday of my life. Taking six pills a day reminds me of who I was once. I like the new me. Call me crazy. xD I've turn something awful ugly into my greatest advantage.

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I’m totally with you on this.
I was diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety about 19 years ago.
My social life was always difficult. I’ve always been scared of people (even friends) because I don’t want my ailments to bring them down. I take meds too. And for the most part they keep me stable. But every once in a while I have a horrible episode. Granted not as horrible as my lowest point ever, but still enough to make me hate my life sometimes.
It’s difficult to live with. And people who tell you that others have it worse makes the hurt more painful. People tell you to stop crying or to snap out it or that bring your age into question... it hurts like hell. The problem with these people is that they think we’re broken even though we don’t need to be fixed. Nothing can “fix” this. It’s not all in our heads, it’s not something we cling to unnecessarily. It’s something that’s energy-consuming, and takes a while to go back up to relatively normal.
People in many countries decline to talk about mental health when it’s just as important as physical health. In fact since mental health is in some way physical either due to chemical imbalances or a weirdly wired brain, and manifests itself physically, it should be considered physical health too.
I’m preaching to the choir here I realize, but I hope others see my response to your comment in relation to the artist’s depiction of trying to fight what you got.
You can’t really fight something that is a part of you. All you can do is live with it as you say and cope with it the best you can.
My Depression and Anxiety take a lot out of me, but I try my best to grow toward the light again instead of remain buried in my own soil plot.

Hope everyone understands what I mean here.
Have a nice day, submicron. :hug:

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I feel your honesty. Seldomly someone has the guts to say anything in this regard. To me its always an uphill battle and you only know when is downhill when you have lost. So you give yourself in sort of speak.

I do admire you coming forward to let everyone aware of this issue. Do people need to know...? Yes. Will they care? Well, that's the hard part. How can you know if you haven't been there. Is like someone with cancer... you will never comprehend what that person is going through. Plain and simple.

And yes... I do understand. Not sure about the rest though. Sadly.

Take care of yourself.
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This reminds me of talking with my parents. Thank heaven I moved on beyond those two blood sucking leeches.
All I have to say is Thank You
Thank You very much
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