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Dear Son part 5

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That went dark fast
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This is powerful. I'm holding back tears here. Bravo man. 
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look the shitty parents where onto something i mean idiot kid crosses the street looking at his phone, if he did that irresponsable thing without "freedom" he surely will die in the mountains if they let him go to a friends trip.
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at first im like, :iconpffplz: typical asian parents

then im like, wait, no :iconohgodwhy-plz: he's not dieded right??
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This is very sad, but true.
A priceless message. Beautiful work.
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bear clap emoji Great message!
Well done!
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Damn Onion Cutting Ninjas
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The sad story, I understand that feelings..... it often happened on Chinese.
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Really touching ^^.
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This hit close to home. Well-told and touching story.
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My heart   Romano (Cries) [V4] 
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Dont worry, last panel show the kid recover and playing happily with the family :p
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Oh phewww, for a moment I thought that was a memory and not that he got well! My heart is relieved!! 
Oh, you meant.. nevermind, Im dumb. XP
Duude spoilers x.x lol It is a sad story so far. >.<
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that's really sad dude--Crying Mako 
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Excuse me while I go cry myself to sleep..
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