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Blender3D Rendering Eyebrow In Front Of Hair

Here's a most ask question I receive for Blender3D. How to render eyebrow on top of everything (hair) for anime character. This is the method I use, probably there is other way too.
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Does anyone know how to follow this tutorial in blender 2.8 Dx I cant found the layers

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Thanks for sharing. Hope to apply this to other things.
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Another good method to give your anime stuff a hand-drawn look without backface culling.
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These tutorials are really good!
Do you know how to make an anime model that, when viewed in profile, the mouth appears inside of the model?
Sorry for my bad description.  Here's an example of what I mean:…
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Hey, I'm actually interested in that too. Did you figure out the way? I bet it has to do with masks...
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Sadly no, which is why I'm asking mclelun in the first place.
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This is a little late, but here is a tutorial on it: weird method, involved normal flipping and embedding a mouth inside of the head mesh. 
It 's in japanese, but auto-translate works very well on it.…
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I think I may have seen this head model GIF in a compilation video of "anime-looking" effects made in 3D, but I never knew where it originally came from.  I had a feeling they were using flipped normals to achieve the effect, but it's good to finally confirm that theory.

Thank you very much for getting back to me on this, this tutorial is very enlightening.  :3
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You're very welcome.
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Oh, and I just found this other method too, if you or anybody else is interested:…
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