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Blender3D Polygon Anime Hair Specular

using 3d models for hair specular instead of using shader/material.
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fantastic so cool 
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Hey Mclelun. I just have one main question that I was meaning to ask you...

What was your coloring method of the materials for this model? my goal is to get it where my characters and other objects look like they are hand drawn. I know about the material's color ramp but it's very hard to get textures to show on ramped materials. I used toon shader with the help of a hemi lamp to brighten up the harsh shadows, but one, it doesn't displays a sharp enough color base to shadow transition (shadows are soft and a bit gradient...) unless subsurf is placed on the object and at not less than 3 and is still not convening enough...

Also, this is kind of a side question but how did you get the edge highlights of her hair via the final render(very top)? was that the same method or was it done in post (like in photoshop or GIMP...)?
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I am using the colorramp, sometime "no shade" material (so it appear in flat color without shading).

For the rimlight (edge highlight), there are multiple way to do it. But the fundamental is to use "normal" as input ona colorramp with white --- black and blend (screen/add) it ontop of the other material. kind of hard to explain.

to make texture appear on colorramp, u have to input the texture after the colorramp, because the colorramp is a convertor that will change your texture color.…
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thanks. this is very helpful. Also how did you manage to get the freestyle line of the outer border to be more thicker than the inner details of the face? was this frestyle at all or did you do this in post (photoshop or GIMP...)?
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it is freestyle, add another freestyle lineset and set the selection to external countour only
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oh ok thanks for all your help...
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Thanks for the memo but how would you suggest I input the texture?
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quite hard to explain without image
if you have facebook, you can look at this post.…
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interesting tutorial
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