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Blender3D Japanese Classroom Color 1

By mclelun
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model and render with blender3D.
only the character are drawing. everything else are straight from 3D. 
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This looks amazing. Like like an anime scene. Could you explain some how you pulled this off?
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You can look at my blog for the render settings…
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Like the classroom. Brilliant work.
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I may have no right to but still I'd like to ask you if you could upload a version without the boy. It'd certainly make a good wallpaper that way.
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This is beautiful...
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thats amazing. I have a question?? I've been trying to get the floor to have a reflection like that. what did you do to get it to appear like that??
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I guess it's a shader. I don't know how it works in Blender but I get the same effect with shaders in Unity.
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thanks. I'll just practice with the shaders and try and try to get the desired effect. I was trying to get it to appear with the floor of my classroom model:…
I got the reflection down with making the diffuse shader (color) of the floor to be mirror shading but I can't get it to reflect light like that....
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for blur reflection, change the glossiness value
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oh so thats how you got that effect. thanks
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Wait! This is probably the coolest thing I've seen all day, and I've seen a lot of cool things. It's really amazing how you can bring out something that at first glance seems 2D but is really a 3D scene. And with a free, open source like Blender? Just that fact alone amazes me that you can create something so mind blowing with it. Why is this stunning creation not that popular?
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That looks pretty good, are the lines rendered by Blender too, I mean the black lines around the objects parts.
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the stroke/line are render with blender3d too. it is call "freestyle"
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I'm planning to learn, I've seem a DVD by David Revoy about it, you integrate the 3d very well with 2d, do you do too many adjustments after the rendering ?
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the only adjustment in this are adding a "glare" node in the render. No painting or color grading.
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Thank you, looks great.
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Very nice job. Reminds me of Evangelion
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Shinji is pondering if he should run away or get in the robot.
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Great work man! :D
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