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Blender and Freestyle Tips For Anime Character

some useful trick for rendering anime style character using blender3d

3d head video render:…
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How do you get smooth edges on the edges of the colour ramps?
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*gives Internet*
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Oh god that face exclusive bit is going to be so helpful. Thank you!
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I have a question. How exactly do we include/exclude the freestyle-marked edges into the groups on Freestyle Line Set panel?
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Not really sure about your question. But freestyle marked edges are "selection" method, after enabling it, you can use it as inclusive or exclusive. But it is better to use it for inclusive.
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Hmm, never mind then. Maybe I'm mixing up your explanations where you exclude a completely separate object (last step) with the rest above it (exclusive/inclusive for freestyle-marked edges and faces).

Thanks for answering :)
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Can you show us how you set up the lamps for this? I can't for the life of me get that part to work the way I want.
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You have defined these black parts? (The third frame)
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the black part are the colorramp, just showing it clearer compare to the right which is the skin color
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Quick question, how'd you manage to keep the eyebrows always showing but only from the front?
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I use render layers and mask layer for it.
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 I think I understand. I'm still at the point where I'm perfecting my models and haven't progressed enough to where I'm at focusing on the colors just yet.

I've heard of mask layers though I haven't messed with it just yet so I guess I'll just get to that sooner or later. Thanks for the tut :)
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now that a great one
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Awesome, great tips. :D
Really good, I'm still learning the blender fundamentals, to do some paintings like you, this is good to know, I saw a video on youtube about freestyle, and then I found you, keep it up!
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