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Anime Cloud Painting

Here are the brush settings I use for painting anime style cloud. No custom brush are needed, just tweak the default one from Photoshop. The values in the settings are not essential, you do not need to follow exactly like what I have. Just play around with it, and find one settings that you prefer most.
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Thanks! Used it here:  Uravity Fanart by YayaProject
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OMG I love you so much for this !
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do the same thing go for Manga studio 5 
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Wow! This is super helpful, thanks! :) Do you plan on doing more of these? There aren't a ton of "Photoshop brush settings" tutorials
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Thanks! It's very helpful.
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Very simple and useful. I wish you'd do more tutorials!
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Great! Thank you!
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nice tutorial :3 really helpful^^
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Wow, I had no idea it was this simple! Thank you, good job!
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wow this is super helpful, thanks <3
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Interesting technique. I personally have another way but your method seems easier. :D
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