Unique McKinney uptown apartments Private Patio
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Published: July 10, 2016

The McKinney uptown apartments Private Patio are functional areas designed to add to the quality of relaxation by viewing landscapes outside the apartment and experiencing the flow of fresh air. Patios are able to maintain privacy be means of solid wall dividers between apartments.

The grand façade of the McKinney uptown apartments Private Patio show rectangular architectural structures of warm light red bricks combined with high rise white and chocolate brown painted buildings in classic urban design, marked by sharp angular formations and walls elaborately embedded by six glass pane windows that add attraction and break the monotony of continuous surface solid appearance.

At McKinney uptown apartments Private Patio, the different amenities such as the inclusion of a balcony or patio, apply to certain floor plans, depending on when these were updated and in what building location within the apartment complex the select apartment is found. 

For a description of the area of patios of the floor plans, we can look at the available apartments with a balcony.

The B3 has a total floor area of 901 sq ft, relatively smaller than A10 which is 1,164. It has a unique semi triangular layout. It has a 144 sq ft living room and a dining area contiguous to the living room at 73.2 sq ft. It has a large 171.35 sq ft bedroom and a 102 sq ft den in between the dining area and bedroom that can also be used as an alternative bedroom. But one of the hallmarks of B3 is that it has a super large balcony or patio that extends from the bedroom, the den to the living room, about more than 200 sq ft.

From the outside, the McKinney uptown apartments Private Patio building materials, textures and colors of the McKinney uptown apartments reflect a harmonized configuration, creating a visually appealing geometric structure of symmetric lines, windows and columns.

The 23 types of unique floor plan apartments of the McKinney uptown apartments Private Patio are constructed around a spacious open space swimming pool in the middle of the complex, at the third floor, in a 9-floor high rise structure, characterized by a luxurious homely elegance, reflecting a small town Texas ambience in an ultra modern urban setting.

The prominent McKinney uptown apartments Private Patio effectively blends with the wider urban environment and exudes the ambiance of an urban park within the neighborhood. Overall, the architectural structure of the McKinney uptown apartments is pleasing to the eyes and the surrounding areas. You can visite site : www.mckinneyuptownapartments.c…

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