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Legend of Zelda: Zelda Concept

By McKiller
Of all three pieces I've done so far, Zelda probably took the longest. Spent all day on her and most of the night. The truth is, finding a design that really captured Zelda was hard, mainly because I don't draw a lot of beautiful, graceful, and elegant characters. Getting the basic design of her dress alone was a challenge that took numerous tries.

I also cheated the most on this one, I used the Lovely Alexis Bledal as a model, and used numerous background images to create the scenery. The little drape or whatever you wanna call it that dangles in front of her dress was actually the same one on the Twilight princess Zelda Model, I merely cannibalized it for this piece.

I also cut corners and got a little sloppy with this one, the lighting isn't quite right, and the picture doesn't come together quite as well as the other two, but overall, I'm pretty happy with how it came out. I think the design of the character is off to a solid start, I just need to refine my technique.

Overall, this has been the most challenging of all the pieces so far. There was a lot of work outside my comfort zone in terms of practice and design, but it was a good learning experience. I may revisit Zelda later to try some more design, but I will probably give her a rest for a little while.
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She is beautiful.

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Did anyone else see this and instantly think Tomb Raider reboot?
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With those ruins in the background - I have an idea: Hyrule, after the end.  Basics: after a while, a new Link and new Zelda come up in a world like Japan's or China's Warring States period.  Link becomes a ninja - learning stealth from masters - Zelda, born in a poor family, learns of her long lineage through dreams and "flashbacks" - similar to Buddha's Enlightenment - Zelda seeks out Link after hearing about the "Deadly shadow lords fear;" Link after their meeting, trains an army of ninja to spark a war between the states and in his other/true persona, "The Hero of Hyrule" rally the people to storm the last few castles and reclaim Hyrule in the name of Zelda. :iconlozlinkplz:
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bout time this looks good enough to be immortilized on a fan poster great detail great job!!!!!
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I Love that you used her color scheme of brunet, purple and white from TP/Brawl, over the standard blond-haired pink-dressed Zelda.

the dress looks like its made of overlapping silk, with purple on the upper layer and white on the bottom. so that it would appear purple in certain lights, but white in others. Just lovely, I certifiably thing that if Nintendo saw these designs, they would love them!
I almost look like a wedding gown. Very beautiful.
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LOVE THIS!!! She looks amazing. I would love to learn to just draw something this epic!!!
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ohhhhhhhh i love it!
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his is the appitamy of what my group thrives off of. Please accept the request :iconbeggingplz: It is perfect for the group!!
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This is so amazing! Everything about her is beautiful :)
and it really is nice to see a brune Zelda. Honestly it might've looked a bit weird if she was blond, but who am I to say that? I'm sure you would've pulled it off somehow :)

This is so great and I have to say, you are fantastic artist. Props to you, and I added it to my favorites as well :)
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Are you kidding?! This is fantastic! The only flaw that I see is that Zelda is blonde, not brunette.
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twilight princess, she's brunette
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meh, brunette-ish but whatevs
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I prefer Zelda as a Brunette anyway... too many blonde princesses in the fictional world! :)
CrazyLadyII's avatar
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What prompted you to use Alexis Bledal? Not that there is a problem with that, she's freaking gorgeous, but I am curious.
Once-Upon-A-Dream250's avatar It literally looks like a picture when you look at Zelda. The brushstrokes in the grass are amazing, looks like real wind-blown grass, and the reflections of the light in the patio, and the intensity of her shadow, is awesome.
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you are one of the many awsome people on da!!!
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this is sweet! nice art
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