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Legend of Zelda: Link Concept

By McKiller
I've decided to put my plans of redesigning Chrono Trigger artwork in favor of my much put off plans to re-envision the Legend of Zelda. Legend of Zelda is hands down my favorite game series of all time, and I wanted to try my hand at breathing some new life into it. I have tinkered with this a while, but have yet to commit to the project in full. But my frustration in finding adequate work as a web designer has left me with much time to pursue thus effort.

I began with a re-design for Link. I wanted to stay away from the more feminine and elvish style many of my peers use, and went for a Hero steeped in Nordic and Celtic influences. Link always struck me as a lone, no-nonsense, stubborn type, and even the game play seems to portray him as more of a down and dirty, brawler then an overly acrobatic sword dancing gymnast that seem to permeate popular culture. Personally, this design suits my tastes much more then a feminine,androgynous, or anime style. This is just the first of several concepts i wanted to do, as I seek a balance between the traditional Link, and the nordic/celtic style I want to incorporate into his design.

Drawing took me the better part of a day from start to finish. Rather happy how it came out. The background is a bunch of pieces of Scottish highland terrain I pasted together and filtered (not ready to draw whole landscapes yet, and I wanted to wrap this up so I can start on the next picture).
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I've always seen the religion of Hyrule (That involes Hylia and the three golden goddesses) as a Pagan one.
He has a Triforc tattoo on his left shoulder, which is ironic because he's left-handed.
scarred-one's avatar
Beautiful work!
Unkownbrony52's avatar
The scenery is perfect. I love the feeling.
DargorDragonheart's avatar
Finally!!!!!  A badass tough old war veteran Link!  Thank you!
bloodanarcy's avatar
You dont need a shield when you can fight like willy wallace hahha love it
missuny's avatar
I really like the Celtic look you went with! I've never played the Legend of Zelda games, but they always remind me of Nordic myths and legends. The design fits perfectly!
I-am-His-artist's avatar
Woah! That certainly is different...but I like it :D
IBlodyXI's avatar
I absolutely love this concept, it looks extremely cool and I love the masculine way you portrayed Link. Definitively one of the coolest versions of link I've ever seen! Great work, no doubt, this is just great.
KennethSloane's avatar
ah that's bad ass!
StevenGordonArt's avatar
The celtic look is probably my favorite when it comes to heroes, it fits Link perfectly.
77ImaHuman77's avatar
Is this truly a Link that actually looks like a male ? I cannot believe my eyes XD
HedgehogOfTime's avatar
Not just a man, a manly-man!
EvilAngelJS's avatar
If Link lived in Skyrim...
vaizzen's avatar
actually, this is really bad ass!
SkullCroos's avatar
Link = Conan the badass

Oh come on ... i seen madlink , oldlink , young link etc etc. I been seen betters ...
BloodHellsing's avatar
Before I played Twilight Princess, I always felt the game had a Celtic feel to it and freaking love that culture! And to top that off, you make Link look more like manly badass! Thank you!
paddotk's avatar
You've made Link into some sort of mountain dwarf! BOO
mk456's avatar
huh link is irish o3o?
KaleGarrison's avatar
Just about the only thing I'm not diggin' is the kilt. It doesn't seem to go with his green tunic. I dunno if it's the color or the fact that it's there. But I don't have anything better to take it's place, so I'll shut up about that.

But besides that, I'm really likin' this concept. He looks believable for the first time, as opposed to just looking realistic. I'll reserve judgement on the Claymore for now. (How is he supposed to sheathe and unsheathe that massive piece of metal?)
He could use a Baldric. It was a very popular way to carry such massive swords.
Velocinyx's avatar
Are there Pipes of Time?
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