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Legend of Zelda: Ganon

By McKiller
Ganon. King of Evil, Holder of the Tri-force of Power, Violator of domestic animals, your grandma, and income taxes.

Took about 8 hours with photoshop CS2 and my trusty palette. Actually came up with this design a couple years ago, but that picture featuring all three central characters never came to completion. Link and Zelda were nothing to get excited about, but I thought Ganon looked absolutely ruthless, so I dusted off that old pic for reference and created this. Nerdier crowds will noticed the tri-force of power wedged squarely where his exposed heart should be, I thought it a nice touch.

Again, straying from more conventional Canon design to work on my own ideas. I rather like the primordial Germanic shamen look.
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Interesting concept and great depiction! Great work!
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This one's pretty creepy- it's reminding me a bit of the Horned King... and I really don't want to see what's wearing the headdress...^^;
ChroniclerEnigma's avatar

Perfect Evil Villan design!!!! Now all we need to do is get Nintendo to see this version... I bet they would start getting more ideas on how to improve ALL their characters...

    Hey! Have you done any other renderings of the characters? I'd LOVE to see some!!! XD



pooomoe's avatar
wow! this is creepy as hell! well done!
sarcasticallygrim's avatar
This is so freaking....magnificent!
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Was just going to say (until I read it) that he kind of looks like a shaman/necromancer! Great concept and very nice work.
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thats how ganon should look, allthough he needs to be buff bid and muscular.
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Burniew's avatar
freaking love this
xDrak3yPo0x's avatar
Freaking beautiful!!!
EricMajora1's avatar
epicly evil the way ganon should be nice
ResonanceInfinity's avatar
This makes me think of Ganon's fate. I mean, he was killed for once in Twilight Princess. ALl the other times he had to be sealed away. Not that I expect him to be gone for every long, regardless. But if Ganon were to actualy return from mortal death, perse, this is how I would like him to be.
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AWESOMENESS! Very hard core and dark
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Very cool and dark rendition. You really emphasize the darker, mystical, shamanic powers of Ganondorf here: he truly is an evil sorceror-- or witch doctor witch fits him so well. I really like the boar headpiece and how it conceals his visage like a gaping maw, and his neck piece is extraordinarily detailed.

Furthermore, the one detail that puts this over the top is the way you have his triforce of power inserted/embeded/surgically implanted in his chest! That's absolutely disgusting, horrifying, and spine-chilling and it really defines this shamanic Ganondorf as truly willing to dabble in the dark magics.

Having dabbled in some Ganondorf redesigns myself, I'm amazed and impressed by what you accomplished here. Superb job! :)
GraffitiSketcher's avatar
"...domestic animals, your grandma, and income taxes."
Flooboo's avatar
This is amazing. You and Nintendo need to make this Ganon's next form.
DefaultOne's avatar
This is awesome. And I love the description of Ganon.
Nikchan2011's avatar
Seriously he looks likea Skeksis with a ram skull for a head instead of a raptor face.
Nikchan2011's avatar
This looks Drak Crystal-esque
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Holy shit! O_o This looks really EVIL! I do not want to meet this at night. Great work!
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..............................holy shit.
gtprisoner8811's avatar
Epic.Awesome.Badass. 'nuff said...
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