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Legend of Zelda: Ganon



Ganon. King of Evil, Holder of the Tri-force of Power, Violator of domestic animals, your grandma, and income taxes.

Took about 8 hours with photoshop CS2 and my trusty palette. Actually came up with this design a couple years ago, but that picture featuring all three central characters never came to completion. Link and Zelda were nothing to get excited about, but I thought Ganon looked absolutely ruthless, so I dusted off that old pic for reference and created this. Nerdier crowds will noticed the tri-force of power wedged squarely where his exposed heart should be, I thought it a nice touch.

Again, straying from more conventional Canon design to work on my own ideas. I rather like the primordial Germanic shamen look.
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Interesting concept and great depiction! Great work!