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LOZRP: Moblin Concept

By McKiller
Set of quick rough concepts I've done (bout 2 and a half hours for the lot) of some moblins. Came out okay, still needs a little work, but there are bits and pieces of all three that I really like.

Moblins are Ganon's bruisers, so I wanted them to appear solid and bulky. Fast they ain't, but a single hit would put most hero's on their back, quick. I experimented with varying degrees of piggishness, still working out that balance too. I was tempted to make them humans wearing severed pig heads, but decided to just go ahead and make them the piggish monsters they always have been.
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I like them all! The men with pig heads idea wouldn't be nearly as cool, and far too gruesome for Zelda IMO.
I love the Blin races of the Zelda series.
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Its been awhile since anybody has commented on this page...but I was just wondering if I might take this concept you have here (the middle one in particular) and do my own rendition of it for my own semi-realistic Zelda project...I love these moblins so much and I feel that they are the perfect version of what I want so I would be honored to use your design and (of course) give you credit for the concept.
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I had an idea long ago about a more reality-grounded Zelda. The men wearing pig-heads is an awesome idea to go with your gritty designs.

But as monsters, these designs work really well. The one on the left is my favorite.
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I like them, but I like the idea of soldiers wearing severed pig heads even better. I think it fits with your grittier, actually frightening for once Ganon. these are in keeping with the fairy-tale aspect of Zelda, but I was really enjoying the grounded-in-our-world's myths and legends depiction you were taking with them.
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I haven't made up my mind to which I would go with. Although I do like the idea of beserker like barbarians to replace the pig-men as moblins, part of me wants to keep the work steeped in fantasy. However, these are early renditions, and whose you can't have both? One of my next pieces might be the soldiers wearing pig heads.
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Whichever one you go with will be great, I'm sure! Keeping them pigs more defintely keeps it a fantasy world, which is one of Zelda's core elements.
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I really like the first and last ones!!! But I could see all of them working well for different ranks and purposes.
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pigz! good stuff
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