Apparently, I'm still around ...

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... and apparently people are still looking at my pictures ...

So that you all for that, I really appreciate it. I haven' t been very talkative for a while, just 'coz I've got a lot of sh*t that I'm trying to deal with ... anyway, I won't bore you with the sad details of my life ...

Expect some new work soon.

And I'm almost at 22,000 pageviews. Wow. Will the 22,000th person tell me who you are?

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I'm number 24216 :p
nice gallery :)
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I haven't been very talkitive or anything in a good good while. I have been busy at work and lost my concentration on art and writing. I'll get back in the game (the thing I keep telling myself)
It will happen. Inspiration will come.
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anything you want to talk about? i'm all ears
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Im number 22,017 it looks like - well congratulations!

Glad to see you are still here and looking forward to seeing new work.

I hope that things will get much better for you soon.
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I'm sorry I'm not the 20,000th person but near.

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Yes we are still looking at your art. ^^
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Thanks ... is there anything in my gallery that you like? If so, let me know, and if it's something that I can print, I will send it to you.
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I love your gallery but I must admit Jonathan is my favorite deviation. I remember having faved it . :kiss:
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Cool ... I have some 16x20 prints of it ... if you want one, email me your mailing address, and I'll send it to you. If you want a smaller one, then I'll have to print one for you.
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No it's ok for the size. I'm gonna email you my address.
your so nice. Thank you. ^^
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Um ... your message is blank ...
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yes you are still here and i still waiting for some new works ;)
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