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By mckenzie
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I love daylight, and I'm really starting to love Kodak.

I also love this model ... tell him I said that.

I've been doing a lot of shooting for the portrait series I want to do for my (hopefully) upcoming show. I was going to go with a series of diptychs like my previous upload, but I think I'd much prefer if they look like this.

Let me know what you think.
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i like the simple white background and the lighting
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I really like the contrast of his dark hair and eyes to the brightly lit white room. Since I believe that portraits are supposed to show who a person truly is, I really like the use of daylight as the lighting source because it just seems so pure and true. I also think it's a lot less yellow than some other lighting, which can really look terrible. I like this one a lot out of your gallery.
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i don't understand why there's a mature content filter...
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every once in a great while I come across this and once I do it's stuck in my head for days. I'm really not sure what exactly it is about it I like so much, but it's amazing <3
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I thought the diptych was beautiful and I think this one is also. I think its nice to alernate between the two. Its so hard to make diptychs that work. Sure you can put this and that together without any real relation and call it abstract or deep but for the ones that work beautifully from the beginning resonate a strong sense of something whole. Two parts of one. Great work.
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I still adore this piece.
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I really like it, when you get to see some real background - in this case it's just perfect! the light seems so gentle, i love the composition, you show exactly the right amount of skin and the model looks natural and at ease with what he's doing. Great job done!
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you're more than welcome! i wish i had more time and engery to comment more ;)
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Thank you very much, I'm glad that you like it. I have always highly valued your opinion.
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que fotografia tan limpia, me encantan las texturas que se logran la luz wow es maravillosa
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the clarity of this piece really makes it stand out. I really enjoy the light atmosphere of this photo. nice job!
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The daylight gives a clean aura to the figure;the white caress.
This is wonderful. I love your use of space. Very clean, very simply stated. BEAUTIFUL IMAGE :clap:
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