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Polaroid Study - Torso Study

By mckenzie
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Back when all I had was a polaroid camera, I had to make to with what I had. Oddly enough, I still love the look of polaroid photography, and still have to urge to shoot with my polaroid camera.
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I love how it's not the basic see the whole face and body sort of thing.
The way you don't see everything in one polaroid adds interest.
I love your work so much. *__*
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great b/w polaroids.........very nice styl...the frame complete this perfect....nice work man!
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Thank you very much ... I would love to do more work with Polaroids, but they're so damn expensive.
HomeIsWhereTheHeartI's avatar
damn! i really love this polaroid work
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an appreaciation for poloroid how rare! i really love these images and the order you put them in somehow makes alot of sense i tried rearranging them in my head and it was as though i had skipped a beat.
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Whoa, that's an incredible compliment - thank you. I do really love polaroid - I'd shoot with it more, if only I could afford it.
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isn't it horrible how exspensive polaroid is. they really should make it cheaper at least so that they can compete with digital
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I'm really upset that they don't make B& W polaroid anymore. It was always so pretty.
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it did have a nice quality to it. now all that is left is the faded colours of colour poloroid, poloroid despertly needs to revamp themselves.
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Well, they tried with the JoyCam, right? Didn't really work.
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true but i like my joycam, the film is too expensive though.
ien's avatar
poloroid is a very under appriciated form of art .. props
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Thank you very much. I want to try out some more polaroid work - it's very interesting to use.
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they dont make the b/w polaroids anymore. they discontinued them a few years ago. you can still get b/w for medium format and largeformat cameras though.
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B/W large format polaroids?
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si, si!
you can get them in 4x5 and 8x10... and maybe 5x7... but the actual image size is like 3.75x4.75 ... i think they're cropped like a quarter inch...
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I'll have to check that out.
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are they black polaroids ?! : )
I love the movement it creates in line like this
it's cool
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Yes, they are black and white polaroids - they're from the 80's - I don't even think they make them anymore. Someone I know just had them in her freezer for about 15 years.
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agree,,, don't lose the polaroid. I just bought another one at a swap meet for 5 bucks, just to have... also, look up David Hockney if you get a chance - artist/photographer that did some interesting things with a poloaroid - although his work is more about the WAY he used it, rather than it just being a polaroid.. anyways.. I digress:

keen piece you have here... I like the composition in each frame, and also they work well how you have arranged them, interesting and fresh.. keep it up!
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I've said it before. Comments from a Master like yourself really goes to the heart. I have heard of David Hockney, but I could never financially afford to try the insanely beautiful montages that he creates. Hopefully one day I'll be able to.

Once again, thank you for your comment. I will keep your recommendations in mind.
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i don't know what else to say..
so beautiful TToTT

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love the layout of all the poloroids...maybe you should keep the polaroid handy when using the regular camera, think aboot it...
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