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Some of you may remember “Odd Nut” from a couple of years back.
I have decided to find a home for him by way of ebay auction.
If you’re interested, you may get him for quite the bargain should bidding go your way.
Just saying…  ;)
Here’s a link to the auction page.…

Also–There is just over a day left on my first ebay auction of Man’drake’-Thing, my superhero/dragon mash-up!
Here’s a link to that auction as it nears its last hours on ebay……

I hope you’ll check them out!
Back to work!

3 days left on my first ebay auction!
MY superhero/dragon mash-up executed in acrylics as part of my local sketch group!
Hope you'll check it out!…

My new and updated studio website is ready for take off!

There is a new “Original Art For Sale” page featuring items for most every taste and budget ( provided you have a taste for the fantastical).

There is a “Private Commissions” page where you can hire me to create something for your collection or for someone special.

There is a “Sketch Cards” page where you can find my growing list of collectible cards that are starting to spread across the world.

My “Print For Sale” page continues to be serviced by where you can find prints and merchandise printed to order featuring my personal work.

Perhaps even more important than all of this is my new email newsletter aptly named “The  Art of Jeremy McHugh”. There is a sign-up form at “Join My Email List“.

When you sign up, you will receive my latest studio news and updates straight to your email’s in-box! Announcements of sales, auctions, and special offers.

I hope you will join in the fun!

I am celebrating the update with an ebay auction of my recent Man”drake”-Thing superhero mash-up! Starting bid is $.99 and will run for 7 days!

It could be yours for a steal!

I hope you’ll check it out!


Here’s the link to the auction:…


Thanks for stopping by!

The blog page for McHugh Studios has moved a couple doors down to :…

I hope you will follow along with my regular sketch efforts interspersed with my professional work.
Thanks for reading!
Back in the saddle with five days of warm-ups for your viewing pleasure!
Start here:

Then scroll down the blog page to see all the latest silliness. :)
Daily Warm-up for August 23rd. Suave Zombie...…
I've been posting my latest work for Dragon Dice on my blog and now am sharing them here on Deviant. :)

They are larger pieces. I have started to work on bigger in order to allow more detail and brush control.
It is working well for me. :)

They premiered at GenCon and were very well-received.

It was terrific to see the gang once again.
Sales were on par with last year which was nice.
It meant that last year was not a fluke and that I am on the right track creatively.

You can see my work on the blog at

Thanks for reading!
I've gotten back into the habit of doing warm-up sketches for my blog.
I hope you will give them a look and enjoy!

Yesterday's entry:…

Today's entry:…

Both are watercolor on cold pressed paper.
Thanks for stopping by!
I posted a new sketch to my studio's blog page.
It features "Darkness" from the film, Legend.

Good nostalgic fun!…

I'll be at Granite State Comicon this coming Sunday, if you happen to be in the neighborhood. :)

I added a new sketch to my studio blog. One of my regular exercises as I start my painting day.
Have a look!
It involves pirates...…

Also--episode 98 of the Ninja Mountain Podcast came out today and features an interview with artist, Tristan Elwell.
A fun listen!…
I arrived at Double Midnight Comics and Collectibles at 9:45 this morning and immediately set up to meet the public.
I sat down to my first drawing at 10 am and drew every moment from then on until the last customer came through at 7pm.
A long, but awesome, day!

I think I managed a two minute break at around 3pm ( had to stop to pee!) then I was back in my seat until closing. Woof!

The fun thing about the sketch marathon ( as I like to call it) is that you never know what you are going to draw next. One moment it's a medium shot of Green Arrow, the next it is a full body shot of Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba! There's just no telling!

What a day.
As an experiment, I set out a tip jar--something I've never done before while at this event.
These are free quick sketches executed on the spot within minutes.
I was surprised to find that people were quite happy to leave a little tip in the jar! Paid for coffee and the card stock I bought for the occasion. :)
Very nice!

Now to rest the ol' drawing hand...
Appearance Schedule in May--

I'll be doing free sketches for folks who attend Free Comic Book Day at Double Midnight Comics and Collectibles this Saturday, May 7th.

Then Sunday, May 15th, I will be exhibiting at Granite State Comicon and selling my wares. :)

Busy times over the next couple of weekends!
My latest blog post talks about the release of Zombie Bomb Anthology 5 with three new images to enjoy ( I hope).
Have a read at:…
My latest blog post shows a few new pages from my sketchbook. :)
Hope you enjoy!…
I've posted the final artwork to my gallery here and a brief write-up is available at my studio website:

My Ultimate Fighter

I hope you enjoy it!
Today, I posted the digital color rough for my "Ultimate Fighter Challenge" entry for Art Order.

If you would like to see a brief example of how I use digital tools to generate a color rough for finished paintings, just head on over to the blog entry.…

I hope you find it useful. :)

Thanks for reading!
Some folks here may be familiar with my website blog ( where I post works in progress that are part of my daily practice.
I've just begun another such piece and its progress can be found at:…

I will soon post the finished spot illustration here on DA, but if you would like to follow along with its progress and find out what is going on in my studio, just head on over to the above-posted article link. :)

I hope you enjoy!
Thanks for reading!
It took me a very long time to finally convince myself that I would suffer no problems by posting here on DeviantArt .
I was concerned that I might run into copyright issues by posting work on the site, but seeing so many other pros happily sharing their work here has proven to me that my fears were unfounded.

I maintain a busy blog site for my studio at which has been the primary internet showcase for my work, but I will now share my work here as well and join in what looks like a fantastic community.

I look forward to sharing!

Thanks for looking!