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Humming Gryphon

My theroy on Gryphons is that you can take any bird and any mammal, crap the two halves together, and it makes a gryphon.
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Absolutely gorgeous! I love it pink heart {big} 
Smol Jdaw by JackdawShark  
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Looking at this has increased my likelihood for contracting diabetes by at least 60%. Bravo!
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Shut Up And Take My Money 
I wish they were real and could be kept as pets, because I'm melting right now.

About the gryphon theory: YAS.  That's what I do.
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Reminds me of the uncommon gryphons from Skin Deep.
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Awwwwww! That's so cute!
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I'm trying to decide what type of gryphon to use for my business logo. And there are SO. MANY. CHOICES.

Cute gryphon. :D
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it's the cutest thing ever.
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This is an adorable gryphon. I would have never considered a mouse and a hummingbird. Absolutely delightful!
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So cute! I want one!
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o.o too adorable. I enjoy the theory as well.
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That is  awesome.
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I completely agree.
OMG this is so cute! But yeah, its not a gryphon...
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i dont know if you remember me i once sent you a note asking if i could use your work to do a personal project here is the link. thankyou for your inspiration and i would like you to know this little guy is now part of my bathroom wall.……
its a musgriff!
or perhaps a rodentagriff.
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I just... can't...YES!!! It's soooooo cute!!!!!! If they were real I would definitely have to get myself one.
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Looks like a mouse and a bird mixed together. but mice are one of my favorite animals!Yuki Sohma Rat (Pretty Eyes) [V1] :owl: 
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actially no. It's any feline and bird. lore confirms it.
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this would be a chimera because it is not a kitty birdy.
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you would be right. my dream pet is a turkey vulture/hairless cat gryphon.
DragonGrl0816's avatar
i think along the same line!! lol though mine is any cat....great little gryphon!
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