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For you fans/friends out there...

I have a twitter account WingMcCallister and there is a #McCallisterChronicles hashtag now in existence.
Well, I found out about the Shorty Awards thanks to the VA powerhouse known as Tara Strong. Now, I have discovered they have an author section... *wink wink* :P If you want to shamelessly plug some MC, consider throwing in a nomination for WingMcCallister at…

Welcome to the new MC Fan Club. Unfortunately, the WAFFLES page was taken down by a forum administrator for reasons I cannot possibly understand. Since Raden has taken on art commissions related to the story, I figured it'd be easier to migrate the group to deviantART, not only to make linking simpler, but to expose the club to a wider audience pool.

Either way, I hope everyone that comes here truly enjoys the book and is looking forward to an interactive experience. As the author of McCallister Chronicles, it is my duty to be a perfectionist and nitpick elements of the story until the best work I can produce becomes more than just an ideal. I spent a lot of free time writing these pages, and the fact that my words touch people brings a cherished warm and fuzzy feeling to my soul. I want to share those feelings with the fans by giving the best opportunity to converse with me on a friendly level.

Likewise, Raden has spent a lot of time - and will spend even more lol - producing images that can - quite honestly - be described as photographs of the hidden pictures of my mind. Here, we can all see what he makes in quasi-real time.

Anyhoo, enjoy your stay,

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