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Ylfferhim by mcf Ylfferhim by mcf
Ylfferhim by mcf (print image)


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a commission for [link]
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v-smoke Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Beautiful contrast between foreground and background. You've created such a calm, peaceful mood. The world looks so intriguing... Great work!
niji707 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2009   Digital Artist
the discussion with that publisher went on today and I want to say that I'm sorry for the thing I said about them deliberately use the image thinking to go unnoticed. I understood they are really young and they just didn't understand what they were doing.
That doesn't mean that they didn't do wrong, but since I publicly accused them to act with evil intent, I think is right to publicly admit I was wrong.
I just hope you'll find an agreement.
niji707 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2009   Digital Artist
I love this painting.

And I'm sad to inform you this painting is very familiar to me, because I bought a book from an italian small publisher that used this image as a cover.

I immediately understood they haven't the rights to do it because the image was printed poorly and inside of the book my suspects were confirmed: they simply admitted that they didn't know the author of the image. (thing that I really doubt of, I fear that they just thought they were printing in Italy so you wouldn't have the chance to see the book, but this is just my opinion)

I told them they shouldn't have done it, that I was disgusted by them not having respect for copyrights and for other people works, and I was replied that I was disgusted of a very unimportant thing.

This is the kind of mentality that make the illustrator job even harder, I'm even more disgusted now!

Please, inform also your client and make this publisher understand that they cannot print an image if they don't have the permission prior to it, not just hoping to go unnoticed or pay later... (but anyway it's fair from me to inform you that in the disclaimer they wrote they were willing to pay the artist if noticed)

This is the link of the publisher called "Edizioni Montag" where you can see the book: [link]
this is their mail address:
for any question feel free to ask me, as a wanna-be illustrator I'm happy to give you all my support and help.

Please understand that the writer of the book, Laura Schirru, is a lovely girl and a dear friend of mine who absolutely had no idea about the illegality of the cover until the book was already published and she read, like me, their disclaimer about not knowing the illustrator.

By the way, I easily found you by putting the cover image in, if you were wondering.

I hope my english is good enough to be understandable, I'm not used to write such a long post in english...
Vergil89 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2007
this image is beautiful:D
Eolhin Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2005   General Artist
Lovely work. :)
bookdiva Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2005
I love the delicate look to this, the softness and how the light and flow work so well together in this beautiful work of digital art.
silwena Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2005
Such illustrations force me to buying fantasy books :D
SLabreche Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2005
Keep up the good job
AeonWein Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2005

Deservs a fav!

engelszorn Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2005  Professional General Artist
Superbly done :) From colors to composition this is one very fine fantasy artwork. And another example that digital art doesn't mean it has to look cold and lifeless.
JoBeeOne Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2005  Professional Artist
This is really soft and delicate. I particularly like the way you have handled the lighting and the complementary reflections on the skin. It looks like traditional artwork, not digital.
ImaginedMoments Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
ruxil Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2005
nice scene, very beautiful and detailed. i like the blend of colors and how this is painted.
Aryi Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2005
Good job on the arch. I always find stone and marble etc to be the hardest to imitate in digital painting. Also...this picture is somehow inspiring weird ideas for halloween posters I have to get done...XD
ormr Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
totally awesome :clap:
blackzer0 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2005
iconic, gorgeous!
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October 16, 2005
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