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Quick portrait of our new hero :) (Smile) 


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Is there a version of this without the faceplate?
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I don't think so haha sry
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It’s really nice but Moira’s eye piece thingy looks really unnatural compared to the rest of her especially because of the lighting of the rest of the image and looks like it was drawn in a different style and the outlines outside of the face look weird compared to the chin and around her eye like they were traced over an existing drawing. I’m not saying you traced it (your gallery proves that wrong) but it just looks like it. I do like it a lot 
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Thanks for the feedback!
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That looks sooo cool! Great job! ^^
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You're always welcome! I frickin' love it :D
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Just wanted to let you know this is my phone Wallpaper now!
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I'm honored :D thank you
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omigosh, very cool!!
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your atr has really improved lately, keep it up!
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Thanks dude :)
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Moira is kinda Op and awesome~ XD
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Her ult is a massive beam- it doesn't get cooler than that haha
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Excellent work! :)
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Thank you :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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Blizzard sure does use the word "hero" loosely, that woman sure as hell ain't one. :XD:

But seriously excellent job at capturing the unique flair Moira possesses. :)
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She definitely has a villainous vibe just like the other Talon members. Thank you :)
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Beautiful work. Glad that Talon finally got themselves a healer. I love how you did the hair.
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Thank you! I'm really excited to play her I can't wait :happybounce: 
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