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New Canterlot Republic Flag Type 3: Red Fables

By McCoda
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All right, this flag concept is is quite unique from the first two. As you can see, none of the Stable Tech colours are used at all. Instead, I tried utilising the three primary cross-cultural colours: red, white and black. Basically, the three colours can be identified all throughout the world with near universal meaning and suggestion. For the most part, they symbolise the following:

White: The colour that represents the means of life 
Red: The colour that usually represents passion, good luck, strong emotion and blood
Black: The colour of waste, excrement, decay and death

Why these colours are so important and why such near universal symbolic representation stems from the fluids and wastes of the human body. 

So, without further a dew we have the pitched black background that symbolises the death and decay that is the Equestrian wasteland. Contrary to that we have the strongly white shield of the N.C.R. that preserves the means of life from everything that is the wasteland. The shield itself depicting a sort of constitutional framework I added just to give that coat of arms feel to it all. 

Between these two contrasts we have the various enemies of the wasteland, particularly those that were trying to seek dominance over all of former Equestria. So, we have the raider factions, the Goddess, Red Eye and the Grand Pegasus Enclave who were all striving for power during the 'Red Eye Wars' as I like to call it. (Period between the destruction of Maripony to the Day of Sunshine and Rainbows) 

Thus, this flag also encompasses some all important folklore that recounts the conflict leading up to the creation of the New Canterlot Republic. Hence its name sake. 
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