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New Canterlot Republic Flag Type 2: Striving Ideal

By McCoda
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All right, here's a second concept flag for the NCR of Fallout Equestria. Took a little more time and a lot more effort to get this done on MS Paint. 

Anyway, this is a more direct reference to the infamous Stable Dweller in a depiction that is still somewhat generalised. Unlike the Equestrian banner that depicts Celestia and Luna with the emphasis on detail (particularly the eyes) I decided to omit Littlepip's facial features and leave the unicorn simplicity bland.  

In this way, it gives the onlooker something to strive for rather then worship. The idea of a blank face gives a chance for anybody in the New Canterlot Republic to place themselves in the image as an example to follow. Thus, it recognises the actions of the wasteland heroine without necessarily leading to a personality cult. 

Anybody who's read Fallout Equestria will know how the personality cult of the princesses (Celestia in particular) helped shape the turning of events during the conflict and the actions of many ponies, especially Luna and the main six. As such, the nation of Equestria failed on the basis of individual personalities and the state being one and the same. 

So like I said, this is more about an ideal to strive for rather then a lone figure to place someone's faith in. 

Any ways, Fallout Equestria is created by Kkat. If you have not read it, here it is:…  (warning: not for children)
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>Some random mare

>some random state

>obvious connection

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McCodaHobbyist Artist
Have you read the epilogue of the original story... or the prep scene at the dragon cave before the big battle?
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Of course not! I just thought that shouting aloud on the net at the topics I don't understand would be cool!

LittlePip's role as some savior is really, really exaggerated.
Really, NCR is just a bunch of ponies, griffons etc living together under some laws. It is like placing some Marine Corps veteran face on the flag cos' he did good.
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1. Well, I'm glad some people know how to admit their guilty pleasures and vices. XP

2. Jokes aside, every society has to have its own myths, folklore and heroes/heroines.

The NCR may just be a lose confederation of settlements, mercs and traders, but the fact that it existed comes from the creation of an unlikely alliance web. 

Gaud may have done most of the ground work in the nation building process (turning Shattered Hoof into a vibrant and populous community to form the capital and the infrastructure), but the resources and factions that were needed to get this done were far beyond her reach alone. The factions and ponypower required were only made available thanks to Littlepip.

If you look at various cultures throughout IRL you will find that many infamous figures of such stature are not always as unique in their efforts as they seem. Their stories often get embellished, exaggerated and even whitewashed to various degrees. Often, it is not their personal skills alone but their ability to create a sort of united front with various other groups (i.e. social capital) that makes them a symbol.  Littlepip represents that symbol within the story, hence why she embodies the spark for the elements of harmony. Thus, comparing such a figure to a single soldier or warrior is a mistake as it ignores the whole process I just mentioned.