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New Canterlot Republic Flag Type 1: Binding Unity

By McCoda
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Here's a small quicky for all you Fallout Equestria fans out there. Nothing special, just a bit of MS paint work on the idea of a flag for New Canterlot. 

All attempts at a fan made flag I've seen just resembles the New California Republic flag with the white background, red stripe and two headed Ursa Minor. Not a horrible thing, (quite good in many ways) but nothing too original either. 

So, I figured perhaps some originality was in order to make something unique. Green earth, clear sky, the elements of harmony in connection with the spark that binds them, and to top it all of I've added the Stable Tech colours for good measure. 

A clear and simple representation of what post-wasteland Equestria has become and what it took to get there thanks to Littlepip and her friends. While each virtue has its own colour among the sacred six, I always envisioned the Stable Dweller's virtue as white or clear.

Two main reasons for this is A) Littlepip's virtue (while not an element) binds the other virtues together as common sacrifice is necessary for such virtues of friendship to work together. (and friendship does mean having to make sacrifices in order to work via giving things up or making compromises)   B) It's also the most powerful virtue solely because of its implications while also being the most susceptible to corruption when not done for the sake of friendship. 

Her virtue is that which binds the existing elements together, despite not being an actual element in itself due to the nature of sacrifice. 

Anyway, Fallout Equestria is created by Kkat, we on Deviantart are just along for the epic ride. So yeah, nothing too skilful, this art is more for concept rather then ability with art design software applications.
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