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mcjDespeckle - my despeckler app

someday i'll post it free on my web site
it's a windows app
it can process an HD image in a fraction of a second

i used it on some of my images always getting great results
very specialized flter, it works best when the render is saved in an uncompressed format
and contains 1-pixel wide fireflies/bright pixels .... as we tend to get in Blender Cycles ( that's a Blender Cycle render )
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        Sociable plz 
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tis ready…

PCWin 32 bit only ( sorry Macs )

works on Windows 7 64 bit
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Thank you, and congratulations!   :bucktooth:

Yes, Im on a Mac, but theres plenty of advice on how to minimize fireflies of the Cycles variety.

This years Google Summer of Code has a Cycles Despeckle project;
by the time that succeeds, I might be ready to pounce on it.
(Currently Im still messing with phantastic photons in OSL.)
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i'll write a Daz Script version and see if processing an HD1080P image takes 1 minute or 1 hour
later ( after the softbody animator thing and the castle are out, i may try webgl and blender python )
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Have you tried to contact Lukas Stockner, the student who will be working on a built-in despeckler for Cycles?   :hmm:
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yay the webgl (GLSL) is super hyper fast, instantaneous
i think the processing is done by the video card's GPU
or something in OpenGL

the only drawback is that i would  have to reveal my invention
since webgl is just javascript/html text
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nope, i'll check it ant think-aboudit :)

in other news, my Daz Script version of the filter took 22 minutes to filter a 1920x1080 image

if it was 5 minutes it would be almost-acceptable

the pc-win .exe takes lass than a second

someday (soon?) i'll probably inslall OSX Snow Leopard on my PC (VirtualBox) and hopefully be able to develop basic Mac apps

maybe python and/or blender python is better

and in webGL (browser based) if i can make the video card/gpu do all the leg work maybe that would work
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:spin:   Wow! This whole conversation needs to be saved, now.   Personal Computer 
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