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UPDATE - mcjTeleBlender 3.11 - A5TheDrifter


UPDATE - mcjTeleBlender 3.11 / mcjBlendBot 3.12 - UPDATE

minor updates


1 - the "No Quotes in .mtl files" option which is required by Blender version 2.74 and up,

was moved from mcjTeleBlender3's "Animation Export" panel to the "Auxiliary settings" panel


2 - the default state for the "No Quotes in .mtl files" option is now ON/checked


3 - a new option named "Beckmann is default Glossy" was added

because new versions of Blender changed the default glossy type from Beckmann to GSX

the default state of the "Beckmann is default Glossy" option is ON/Checked


4 - the mcjTelBlender3 dialog displays the version and release date…

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:wow:   The hair!!
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she's a drifter that's perfect drifter hair and it's light emitting 
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Anyway, THANK you, once again, for your expertise and generosity!

As I was hinting, subliminally here, eh,
have you ever tried to get a Summer-of-Code,
or a stipend for Amsterdam?   :greetings:
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Emitting?   :sherlock:
Looks like backlighting to me.
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almost subsurface scattering
im not sure why the roots came out black, maybe it's the Blender smoothing applied to something with adjacent normals at extreme angles like 180°