The Tolling of Noon

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By mcastiello

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The morning comes to an end
the rays of the sun wrap around all
the air is warm and full of emotions

The journey has been long
not always one of the best
we have seen many shadows
but this has taught us so much

How to be more mature
how to be more childish
how to be more human

We have learned to seize the moment
and even some unusual recipe
we have learned to believe
we have learned to distrust

We grew up together in that light
that now shines high
we enjoyed every frame
in the first and in the last moment
we laughed and cried
in the last hour of the morning

The journey has been long
and has now reached its last stroke
but we can never forget
that it was the eleventh hour
which brought the sun to its highest point.
I'm actually a bit emotional about the Eleventh's farewell, so I wrote this... thingy... I wrote it in Italian and than translated it, so I'm sorry if I've made some big mistakes. I hope my feelings will get to you anyway.

I know that everyone of you has a personal favourite. I'm always the one who says that The Doctor is The Doctor whatever his face is. But today I want to say goodby to a face who meant so much for me.
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