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Smithy - 01

By mcastiello
Smithy Figurine made as the main prize for the Comic Who Script Contest 2012.

You can win it,just read the rules at [link] and join the competition
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Just looked through the comments. Do u ever get tired of explaining that you need to win the contest to get it?
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It's part of the job :-)
When you organize a contest you need to spread the word and even repeating the same answer over and over again works for this purpose
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How didda do it
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It's made of polymer clay.
This is the main price of our contest: [link]
If you like it,you can try to win it!
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Awesomesauce! I would enter the contest but wouldn't win XD
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The important thing is to participate, and you can always expect to win the Facebook award by inviting your friends to vote for your script :D
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Fantastic! I love how detailed he is~
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And it's searching for a new home. We are going to give it away as the main award of our contest: [link]
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This is absolutely adorable!
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If you want it, you can win it. It's the main award of our contest: [link]
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AAAAAAAAHHH! SO CUTE! He looks like he walked straight out of a classic stop-motion Christmas TV-movie special!
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We are going to give it away as a prize of our script contest: [link]
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So well done! Bravo! I'll try to think of something to participate in the contest anyway, but this awesome figurine gives me even more motivation. You've made The Last Centurion mini figure, now Smithy, who's next? Tenny? Amy?
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Well! It's not me who did this, I'm just the organizer of the contest!
Anyway I would love to have an Amy doll, so to complete the Team TARDIS :D
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I see.)) Who did it then? I wanted the author/creator to know he/she did a very good job.
Good luck with Comic Who!
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You can find her here:

Thank you :-)
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If you want it, you can win it: [link]
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awwwwwwwwwwwww, it's so cuuuuuuuuuute!!!!
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And it's for free!!!
It's the first prize of our contest: [link]
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Gosh, it's so freaking cute! Coolest thing ever XD
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And someone will obtain it as the award of our new contest: [link]
Do you feel ready to try?
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