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Hi there!

As the title already says, “Portland” is a mixture between a poem and a choose-your-own-story booklet. Inspired by the wonderful story of the five-part video game “Life Is Strange” I decided to do something artistic and to provide a little fun for Max and Chloe, as a contrast to the sad obstacles the story made them face…

If you know “Life Is Strange”, then feel invited to continue reading, but even if you don’t know the story, it is worth a try (both the game AND this thing here). In that case, simply consider Maxine (Max) Caulfield and Chloe Price as two good friends who know each other since they were kids.

“I’m looking forward to the day when we can just go on a road trip to Portland.”
(Max Caulfield)

I decided to describe such a trip to the city of Portland, Oregon. They decided to finally hit the road and took Chloe’s car to go to Portland. They will stay a few days, and you can join them on their very first day of that trip, after they arrived at the city.
This poem collection, “Portland”, consists of single (rather small) poems. Please note that many poems where (intially) written before episode five was even out.

What you have to know before reading:

1. The trip takes place about nine months after the story was set (so, in the summer of 2014).

2. Except for the final poems, you have a choice at the end of each poem between two options which will be presented to you. The options will result in different continuations. So choose wisely! :)
Because of the different story options, one way through the story is not that long, but the story is “big”, meaning that there are many paths to take into account…!

3. The text is written from Max’s view. There are three kinds of fonts:

This (normal) font corresponds to the narrator (Max).
This font corresponds to things Max says in the story, words she speaks.
And finally, this font corresponds to what Chloe says.

4. The rhythm of each single poem is always oriented towards the rhythm of a song which I will always write down in the description. Feel free to listen to the song while/after/before (?) reading the poem. The interpreted rhythm does not always fit perfectly (because, you know, artistic freedom), and the stanzas and refrains are differently ordered, skipped (etc.), but you’ll figure this out.

5. Last but not least: I’ll provide a Google Maps link for each poem, indicating where they both (approximately) spent their time. So if you’d like to take a look at the places by yourself, feel free!

I guess that’s it. Further explanations (if necessary) can be found in the description of each poem.

Have fun!
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