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Fear Parasite

Inspired by Quake and Darksouls

Fear, The Great void's most loyal minion.

-Little speck, why travel this path?
Can you not see its vast expanse,
its ending, uncertain?
My master has no plans for you,
and you are but a fly in the great void...

...Why fight? There is nothing beyond this path...

...Very well then, I am powerless to stop you, The only one who can...
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its sooo cute!
MC-STEEL's avatar
Aww, dont you just want to pinch its little...

Glad you think so. :P
OpalAcorn's avatar
I want then of them, and i wanna put them in my pockets and taken them to work
MC-STEEL's avatar
Glad you like it. :D (Big Grin) 
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Yikes! That's just about perfect for symbolizing fear. Love it!
sissyroberta's avatar
Simply Amazing !
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woah, that looks really cool :D (Big Grin) 
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This giant entity for some reason resonates with the voice of Unicron (voiced by Orson Welles) --->…
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That's a nice pick for it.

though I was originally thinking of a more soothing yet creepy whisper like voice.
As it is already hinted at it is powerless to stop you. Its only method of stopping you is by fear.
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Ah I see. :nod:

Clever gesture.
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