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"What do you think of the stars?" he asked, And I told him of alien worlds - Our diplomacy and wars, Trade missions, vacations, And technological advances. Patient but confused, the man Lifted a finger, "No, the stars." And I looked up for the first time.


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Keep in Shape While Writing

There are many ways to get into shape or stay in shape while writing, here are just a few: 1. Switch your computer chair for an exercise ball for a while. It helps your spine, helps balance, makes you change positions(good for circulation and your body), promotes ab strength, burns calories and more. 2. Punish yourself. Tell yourself that if you do not write a chapter before a deadline, that you will make yourself do push ups or go for a run. 3. Reward Yourself: On the flip side, if you actually like working out, give yourself the treat of going for a run every time you finish a chapter. 4. Switch to a healthy snack. Some people get so in

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