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❝I’m just an author with a rather monochromatic wardrobe and a mind that wanders towards graveyards.❞

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Greetings, my friend. I'm María Badillo, and I create word magic, crafting worlds within worlds that explore art, death, shadow, and the supernatural. Designed to alchemize mundanity into magic, my art questions the boundaries of reality, elevating existence into a multiverse. I believe words have power in shaping our lives. The way we think, the way we speak, the way we act dictates the world we see. There is beauty in light. Also too is there beauty in darkness. And when we can face that darkness, life truly begins.

If this resonates with you, I hope you'll consider supporting a Latinx creator by picking up a copy of my indie-published poetry zine or some dark art for your walls in the 'shop' tab. ¡Gracias!

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It's wonderful! In recent years, I've endeavored to uncover more about the roots of my heritage, particularly the indigenous spiritual practices of the Taíno. This was a lovely addition to that exploration. Much appreciated! :love:

I don't blame you! It's only been in recent years that I have wondered about how America's First Nations have interpreted and dealt with phenomena like tornadoes and hurricanes. And the concept of a deity of storms and chaos in response to hurricanes makes perfect sense; I can't begin to imagine the terror that people have felt in the middle of what can only be understood as something like divine wrath. And the Taíno people, their language, their history... I hate to think of what's been lost!

I wrote this after Hurricane María in 2017, and I thought of that godless degenerate of a (thankfully former) "president" could well be a living embodiment of Guabancex, arrived to wreak havoc on Boriken and then leave the traumatized survivors to pick up the pieces... Trump would probably feud with Guabancex, actually.

Thank you so much! I really enjoy learning about things like this!

Such rich culture lost to colonialism. There's a Taíno museum outside Ponce I visited, gosh, twelve years ago now. I would love to go back and soak up more knowledge. That personification of nature fascinates me endlessly, and it's seen across so many cultures. Guabancex reminds me of deities whose purpose is to destroy in order to build something stronger. Kali of Hinduism comes to mind. Granted, I haven't come across much of that 'for a purpose' dialogue around Guabancex, and especially when we look at Hurricane María which doesn't have much of a silver lining to speak of. But I suppose any belief in a god/dess is naturally laced with optimism. You're very generous to align 45 with Guabancex...I'm not sure I'd give him so much credit! Maybe a Guabancex wannabe? :D

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