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I've been feeling very empty and depressed lately, struggling a lot to find again something positive to motivate me.
The things I love to do, also and especially drawing, have been more like a duty rather than something I enjoy.
It is difficult for me to keep up with every thing in my life, and none of these look like they're going to get me anywhere.
Mostly, what bothers me is the feeling of having no goal to reach, and no story to tell.

While I'm searching around a new spark to light up my enthusiasm and my fantasy, I tried again to put my feelings in a picture.
And the result, surprisingly, is a sketch I did having a lot of fun again, without feeling overwhelmed or underestimating myself.

After all, isn't this the way every story starts?
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wow I can really feel the emotion in this, I didn't know I could relate to something this much...

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Thank you very much for your appreciation :D glad to hear someone gets this kind of feeling

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Reminds me of what Ezio Auditore said: I know I'll never have enough time to do everything, now I only worry that I might not have enough time to do anything.

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Cool one! Thanks

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The next step after that is having many stories to tell, but no time to tell them. Good or bad depending on what's eating up your time! Haha

Wish I had a cure-all to depression to suggest, but alas. If you're looking for a goal to reach and a story to tell, perhaps do just that with a short comic? Maybe take part in an art contest?

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I'm still at the stage with no story and also no time ^^; but thank you, I'll try my best as always :D

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