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Many of you are excited for the art books to come into completion, and though that is several months away I felt it appropriate to inform you on the predicted price and what will be sold come the month of May.

There will be three versions of the book with two being limited in number. A limited addition, artist incentive, and the regular book.

The first book that will only be available for preorder is the Limited Edition Book. The limited edition book will have a different cover than the regular book and will be the only version available with the "art cards" created by artists who meet the $200 money goal. There will be up to 20 art cards/book marks made available to this edition as there are 20 artists, all of whom have the potential to create one should they meet their funding goal. Small prints of selected artists work and a special gift (that will be revealed in months to come) will also be included. Tutorials and walkthroughs will only be available in this version of the art book due to the larger pay count and the larger cost of production. The book will have over 80 pages of content and will be a perfect bond soft cover book. This edition of the book is estimated to cost somewhere between $50 to $60 USD. There will be a limited quantity of books available after the preorder period but will be sold on a first come first serve basis. The only way to guarantee a copy of the Limited Edition book will be to preorder it during the preorder period in May.

The second book is an incentive given by an individual artist. If the artist or artists you chose to support offered the incentive of a custom covered art book then you will receive a Limited Edition version of the art book with a custom cover. You will receive everything the Limited Edition versions are receiving plus custom artwork from your favorite artists! These books generally require a donation of $100 or more depending on the artist and what they are offering. However receiving a free copy of the Limited Edition book which will most likely run at about $60 and getting artwork from your favorite artist is a pretty amazing deal. Therefore I strongly recommend saving up and donating that $100 if your favorite artist is offering this wonderful deal. Please do keep in mind that not all artists are offering this special version of the book and some are only offering a limited quantity! So please do follow up on each artist yourself and keep in mind that if you do donate $100 to an artist not offering this deal expecting to receive a book, you will not be refunded and will not receive a free copy of the book from Melon Berry Tea. This is only a gift offered by the artists as a thanks to their more generous donors.

The last version is the simple version. It will be sold indefinitely and can be bought either on MBTea or through any of the other artists who plan on selling the book themselves. It will not come with the art cards or tutorials/walkthroughs but will include all works of art by every artist, their personal pages, and any extra pages added via this deal. The reason the art cards and tutorials will not be included in this version is to keep the costs down. This will be the most affordable version and will probably only cost $15 to $25 USD. It will still be perfect bound and contain beautifully printed artworks by all of the participating artists.

Why is the Limited Edition of the book preorder only?
- Due to the much higher page count and extra cost for the prints and art cards, the Limited Edition of the book is VERY EXPENSIVE to produce. So in order not to bankrupt Melon Berry Tea a limited number of these books will be made. Just note that every preorder is guaranteed a copy of the limited edition book should one opt to preorder it.

Why wont the simple edition of the book come with the art cards by all of the artists?
- The art cards are being funded 100% by Melon Berry Tea and are therefore an additional cost and cannot and will not be distributed to each of the 20 artists for sale. Since each artist can and most likely will be selling the simple edition themselves, and they do not have access to the other artists files due to protection of ownership, it really isn't possible to include the extra prints and art cards. However if the artist chooses to pay for the production of art cards and small prints or tutorials to go along with the simple edition then that is entirely up to them as they pay for the production of the books they sell at that point. Just note they will only be selling THEIR OWN art CARD (not cards) and THEIR OWN small print, and THEIR OWN tutorial, not any of the other artists. More information will be made available as the sale date comes into fruition.

I donated $100 to ________ but noticed they aren't offering the special incentive book. Can I get my money back?
- You could contact the artist you donated to and see if they will be willing to refund you but most likely not. It was a donation, not a sale. If you only gave them $100 to get the custom book and not to show your support of them then that defeats the purpose of this book. If an artist has opted to create custom art books then that is a gift from them to you and only that. They can choose not to thank you for a generous donation but some have chosen to make the custom books to say thank you. $100 is a lot of money and so some of the artists have chosen to say thank you in the form of the custom art book but if you donated $100 to an artist that is not, well, I'm sure they appreciate your generous donation but are by no means required to give you a refund of any kind. A donation is just that, a donation.

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