2015 Art Book Updates || 2014 LE Books Available

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By whispwill
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Due to the lack of funding for the artists I will be extending this projects release date until next year in January.

The project was originally intended to end this month (October) but concluding it now would not help the participating artists in any way shape or form. Therefore I will be extending it in order to give them a little more time to try and earn some supporter!

The donation page can be found here: melonberrytea.com/donations/

Everyone who donates has their name instantly recorded and it will be published in the art book ( what ever name is on your paypal, if that name varies contact me at melonberrytea@hotmail.com )

Also the art goals for this years art book will be different and should be updated later today.


On a side note, all 2014 books have been mailed out! Woo. The only thing left to do is to get the artists their copies but they have quite a few little extras that need to be included so I haven't had the time yet to prepare that for them.

There will also be a small release of Limited Edition Art books WITH art cards included that will be release Friday, October 3rd. It will be first come first serve!

The art book: melonberrytea.com/shop/index.p…

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