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This freaking chapter will be the death of me. After losing access to the draft for six whole months, and even when I got it back, schoolwork derailed any hope of editing. This quarter, I've been working on it during my Film Lit labs rather than paying close attention to the film. The good news is that I'm 2/3 of the way through. The bad news is that I won't be updating until probably the middle of June. I've had to rewrite major portions of the chapter to fit all the world building and research I've been doing in the last few months. I've begun to solidify my timeline, though I still have a lot of dead air between early 21 BBY (just after the Zillo Beast Incident) and 19 BBY (the events of Revenge of the Sith). I've also adapted my narrative style to be less transparent and much more like Essek is narrating his story to the reader from-- Well, I won't spoil it.

This chapter is going to be another really long one, somewhere around 50 pages (at 25,000+ words, it's a freaking novella), so I'm debating whether I should split it up into multiple parts or whether I should just put it in its own PDF.

Also, when the whole thing is done, I'm planning on releasing it as a single work in PDF, .epub, and .mobi. When I read Past Sins, a brilliantly written, 400-page My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfic, I downloaded it in .epub format, converted it, and put it on my Kindle so that I could better read it, since I find reading a long, scrolling document on a 16:9 computer screen to be difficult. I want a page at a time, dangit!

But I digress. New chapter is coming soon, hopefully before mid-June. I've also got drafts going for the next few chapters--and a working computer to write them--so updates hopefully won't be so sporadic.
Well, folks, after a long and tenuous process, I got my laptop back from the repair guy. There was nothing he could do to save it. And all the drafts for the next couple of chapters of Star Wars: Forbidden are on that hard drive, as well as numerous other projects of mine, some Minecraft worlds, and a couple of Skyrim characters that I wanted to keep. My last hope is to get my hands on a 2.5" hard drive enclosure and make an effort to get all the files off. But that won't happen until at least a week from this coming Thursday, since that's payday and I currently don't have any money. Since the next chapter is the length of a small novel, I would rather not rewrite it. But if I must, then I will.
Long story short, I had homework. And writer's block. I know what to write; I have the rest of the chapter planned out. But the words won't flow through my fingers. Oh well.
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Since it's Star Wars Day, I figured it's only fitting to upload Chapter 6 of Forbidden. Only problem is it's two thirds of the way done, sitting at ten thousand words, and still needs proofreading. And the day is half over. I have my work cut out for me, don't I?
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1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 things about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you, and invent 10 new questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. You have to choose 10 people, and put their icons/usernames on your journal.
5. Go to their pages and inform them they are tagged (with deviantART's new "mention" notifier, they'll know what to do).
6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read this".
7. You have to tag 10 people.

Ten things about me:
1) I'm currently working on learning five languages (six, if you count Esperanto, which is on the back burner).
2) Sometimes I can draw; most times I can't.
3) I refuse to write Doctor Who fanfic because I feel unworthy to do so.
4) I have a crush on Arcee from Transformers: Prime.
5) On a rare morning, I have a two and a half octave vocal range. On an average morning, that range is just under two octaves.
6) Given a bit of time, I can play almost any musical instrument I pick up.
7) When I go to a restaurant, I usually order the same thing every time. The one exception is Taco Bell, where I have three different orders that I choose from at random.
8) I often hate pleasure reading, because I usually feel guilty when I do it. There's always some other thing that I feel I should be doing (usually homework).
9) I'm a lifelong vegetarian, and even though I've had beef and chicken, I prefer their vegetarian analogues.
10) I'm allergic to their vegetarian analogues.

Questions for me by :iconderistad:
1) What is your favorite color?
Blue. No, yell-AUGH! (But seriously, it's blue.)

2) What is your favorite hobby?
I have so many. I think the one I'm most consumed with is writing, followed by language learning and conlanging, then music. Those three are pretty much tied for my favorite, though.

3) Have you ever flown for vacation, if so how was your experience?
I rarely fly. I rarely travel. And when I take vacations, they're usually when I go home from school. I did, however, fly to Hawaii once on choir tour. Normally I like flying. But on this one, not only was I crowded (broad shoulders + barrel chest = no bueno), but we had to deal with turbulence as we approached Honolulu. I rarely get airsick, but this time I did. Fortunately, I didn't throw up.

4) Who is your favorite fictional character?
This is a loaded question. My current favorite is probably The Doctor, but he's tied with Twilight Sparkle and Rarity from MLP: FiM, and Arcee and Knockout from TF: Prime.

5) What was your favorite cartoon growing up?
When I was younger, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. When I was older, Kim Possible. They were created by the same team, which I didn't know until after I was in high school.

6) If you're stranded on a desert island with a group of people, what skills/assest would you have to contribute?
I could learn the indigenous language, provided I had a cooperative informant. If there were no indigenous people, then I could do manual labor. I'm more of a worker bee.

7) Have you ever played an RPG?
Like D&D? No. The most RPG that I've gotten is SW: Knights of the Old Republic (played both, beaten neither; those games are LOOOOOOONG), Fallout 3 and New Vegas (beaten 3 but not NV; my desktop died, and neither works on my laptop right now), and the Mass Effect series (great games, but that ENDING! *flips table*). Assassin's Creed can take a hike.

8) Of the three Star wars prequels, which one do you think is the worst?
Revenge of the Sith, if for no other reason than Whineakin Skywaahker. I think they cast the wrong actor in that role. If we're dealing strictly with story, Attack of the Clones is pretty much filler. There are some important plot points that get realized, but honestly, it's kinda drawn out compared to the other two prequels.

9) What do you think of the United States of America?
It's built on great principles, but its politicians are doing a lousy job of realizing those principles right now. We have two parties who don't give a rip about fiscal responsibility, wink at corruption, and make politics their careers. We can't keep running a deficit like this, or the Chinese will nuke us, and we'll be reduced to subsisting on irradiated, 200-year-old Nuka Cola and Salisbury Steak, while using bottle caps as currency.

10) What kind of music do you like?
Just about anything. I can have Rammstein next to Berlioz on my playlist and be perfectly happy.

My questions to you:
1) What does the fox say?

2) Do you know how to tie both a necktie and a bow tie?

3) What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

4) If you're a writer, would you rather self publish or go the traditional route? If you're an artist, are you self-taught, or have you taken classes?

5) ¿Hablas español?

6) Have you ever played Minecraft?

7) Have you ever eaten mochi?

8) What is your ideal climate?

9) Have you ever eaten bread pudding?

10) Do you like bananas?

I tag (I don't know ten people):



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What the HECK is with the front page? I want my thumbnails back. Kthxbai
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If you know me IRL, you may have heard that I'm having some problems deciding what direction I'm going to take with the rest of my college career. I'm currently studying music, but the more I see with regards to the current classroom environment, both in elementary and in secondary schools, the less I want to teach.

I don't know what it is about teaching that freaks me out so much. Maybe it's the fact that kids have no respect anymore. Maybe it's the prospect of my students giving me enough lip to make me snap and lose my job. I would never get violent, but when I lose my temper, it is scary. Either way, I don't want to teach, at least not in a classroom setting.

When I look back on the decisions I've made in college pertaining to my area of study, I can map things out based on whose choice each move was:
  1. The decision to study computer science was mine.
  2. The decision to switch to music was God's.
  3. The decision to study string bass was mine.
  4. The decision to study voice was God's.

When I look back on the reason I chose Music Education, it was the same reason I chose Comp Sci: I wanted to be able to get a job, and I wanted to be able to make a decent living. The decision to study to be a teacher was my decision, not God's.

The decision to change majors was made today when I discovered that I won't be able to finish the Music Education degree before I hit my credit hour limit for financial aid. And without financial aid, I cannot possibly pay for school. One path that my advisor suggested when I met with her in January was that I could potentially switch to a Music BA and double-major in Religion. That would definitely complement my desire to go into the music ministry. But due to my recent involvement with conlanging, especially after discovering the Conlangery podcast through Conlangers, I thought that my future brother-in-law's choice of major, Biblical Languages, would be a good match for me.

I think that my final decision might be to switch to a Biblical Languages minor, while changing my music path to a BA, rather than going for the BMus in Music Education. The only question is whether I can find a way to make a living with that degree. I do have several options. I could try and make a living writing fiction, which I believe I'm good enough a writer to do. I could make a living like two of my biggest inspirators, Erik Kleven and Jimmy O'Shea, by teaching private music lessons and playing in bands. I could supplement that with a position at a local church as a music minister. Another possibility is that I could marry somebody who will wind up making a living, and then work part-time somewhere, though this option isn't as desirable; I am a firm believer that one parent must be free to raise the children. In this day and age of women being commended for working full-time and men being admonished for staying at home, I don't know if that'll work at all, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Please keep me in your prayers as I move forward. I have to find some way to make this work.
Mi lernata Esperanto.


Iok hra'anh chrekete.
Several orders of business.

  1. SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA need to DIE a miserable death. :iconkillitwithfire::iconsopaplz:
  2. :icongwomp:
  3. I've been trying to get going with XML to transplant my hra'anh lexicon from buggy Lexique Pro to an application of my own design. It's slow going so far; I've got the XML structure down, and I've got the DTD written out, but I need to work on a few things to go with it:

    1. A script, probably in PHP or something that I know fairly well, though something easier like JavaScript would be ideal, that will allow me to put new words into the database. I chose XML as opposed to SQL because it's a bit more modular and easier to implement (I never could get any of the MySQL scripts I wrote to work...).
    2. A script using XSLT that will format and display each entry. The lexicon must be searchable by Hra'anh and English.

    These are going to take a lot to do. And another plus would be to come up with a translation script, but that would be a massive undertaking by myself. Any help anyone would be willing to offer (for free) would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Why have I waited until Netflix put the show on Instant to start watching How I Met Your Mother. It's one of the best shows ever! But the more I watch it, the more "story of my life" I feel. (Well, without all the sex....) The more I feel like Ted, the more I think, "Jeez, I'm lonely." So...yeah. :iconlonelyplz:
  5. Chuck - another sweet show. Chuck and Sarah are so cute together :D Makes me feel...ya know...:iconforeveraloneplz: That's why I hate romantic comedies. It's almost like every time I watch one it says, :icontrollfaceplz::iconsaysplz:Problem, lonelyfag?
  6. I've been inspired to keep up my writing, drawing and conworlding/conlanging largely by :iconaktaroth:, who is a fantastic writer and a talented artist. I've also been inspired by the Conlangery podcast:, and while most of the stuff they say is over my head, it makes me want to learn more about linguistics. My goal for Hra'anh is that it be an actual conversational language.

I haven't been super active on here recently. Well, that's only half true; I've been faving and commenting, but not submitting any art. Truth is, I've fallen out of the whole art thing. Wasn't ever my passion, really. Yeah, I like to draw, and I would pay good money for an instant digital painting skillset, but the problem is that I don't have the time to practice or the money (or drive) to take classes. I've been writing up a storm recently, trying to finish two projects before EdMo. I've started a third rewrite (jeez, not very many new ideas...), but that one's a side project for when I lose inspiration on the other two.

I haven't been posting excerpts on dA for reasons obvious to any writer. I would love to be a published author, and I need to finish something so that I can find an agent and submit. If I could use my writing as supplemental income, I would be very happy indeed.

Anyway, ta for now.
This is from :iconangi-shy:
Original: NEW 100 drawing challenge
100 (Animaniacs) drawings challenge
This is something like "100 drawings challenge" but this is especially for Animaniacs fans!
There is 100 themes and you have to draw 100 pictures and all of them will contain always one from the themes.
If you want to finish the whole 100 drawings challenge, you have to finish all 100 pictures >8D
> Put this challenge list somewhere on your page or in your journal, so people will know about it, or put a link to this original thing
> You can use any program you want for making pictures
> The pictures must NOT be copied or stolen
> Pictures must comply with DA rules
> If your pictures will contain also characters of others, credit them
> You're allowed to draw anybody from the Animaniacs show. It means all official characters.
> You can use also your own OCs
> Characters can be drawn in your own style (not only in Animaniacs style) and you have no need to draw Animaniacs (it can be whatever you want), but so

This is something like "100 drawings challenge" but this is especially for Animaniacs fans!
There is 100 themes and you have to draw 100 pictures and all of them will contan always one from the themes.
If you want to finish the whole 100 drawings challenge, you have to finish all 100 pictures >8D

> Put this challenge list somewhere on your page or in your journal, so people will know about it, or put a link to this original thing
> You can use any program you want for making pictures
> The pictures must NOT be copied or stolen
> Pictures must comply with DA rules
> If your pictures will contain also characters of others, credit them
> You're allowed to draw anybody from the Animaniacs show. It means all official characters.
> You can use also your own OCs
> Characters can be drawn in your own style (not only in Animaniacs style), but some themes contain also Animaniacs scenes, be aware of it.
> Every picture must contain one of themes written below
> Have a fun :)

1. Challenge accepted
2. Hold together
3. Love
4. Hate
5. Eager
6. Hungry
7. Potty emergency
8. Hellooooo sexy girl/boy
9. Nice to meet you
10. Pouting
11. Sulking
12. I'm gonna kill you
13. You're the best!
14. Epic fail
15. I win!
16. Taaaag!
17. That's my little sister
18. Embarrasing moment
19. Warners meeting your OC
20. Slap!
21. Misfortune
22. Bleeding
23. Silence
24. Bath
25. Voice actor
26. Busted!
27. Relaxing
28. New special friend
29. Singing
30. Cat
31. Dog
32. Bird/Fish (choose one)
33. Baby
34. Crying
35. Fanatic fan
36. Glomp
37. Escape
38. You're my pet now
39. I'm fat
40. Fluffy
41. Naughty
42. Where are my clothes?!
43. Thief
44. Gotcha!
45. Unlucky day
46. Busy
47. Drawing
48. Under the rain
49. Eyes
50. Blind
51. Kiss
52. Blushing
53. Memories
54. Childhood
55. Teamwork
56. Breaking the rules
57. Like a superhero
58. I love you
59. Related
60. Friendship
61. Silly
62. Danger
63. In a fairy tale
64. Trap
65. Obsessed
66. Almost
67. How could you?!
68. Mine!
69. Curious
70. Original
71. Listening music
72. Leave it to me
73. Secret
74. Couple
75. Upside down
76. Nightmare
77. Fear
78. Under wear
79. Sexy
80. Devastated
81. Live
82. Locked up
83. Boredom
84. School
85. Free time
86. Drunk
87. Cigarette
88. I can't
89. Food
90. Pain
91. Steal
92. Asleep
93. Parodying
94. Pirate
95. Labyrinth
96. Friends
97. Enemy
98. It's time for...
99. Maniacs
100. Good idea, bad idea
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Music History Class is proving to be a PAIN in the rumpus. After today, God willing, I'll be done with it forever.

My art has been going slowly. I literally haven't had time to do much of anything for myself. And I hate it more than you could possibly know. I'm an introvert and I NEED my personal time. It's as important as sleep or 3 squares a day.

Now I'm trying to get out of this tiny town and get home, but my truck is doing weird things. I can't afford to fix them until after camp at the very least. Say a prayer that it'll keep on going until I can get a new one.
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I've decided that I'm going to draw something every day this year so that I can get better. It worked for writing, so it should work for drawing. I think I'm going to use this to help really flesh out the Xarisans and Hra'vakh, the two major alien races in my writing.

And speaking of writing, I'm going to formalize my quite fluid timeline. I'm going to organize everything in one place so that I don't need to keep cross-referencing and whatnot.
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Okay, first things first: I'm way too busy to do any comics, write any poetry, or do any personal projects but NaNo this week. Also, when I do have spare time, it goes to Mass Effect and sexy Jessica Shepard and her mad shotgun skills.

Now for the rage. My school recently acquired a subscription to the OpenDNS web filter service. They use it to filter away things like porn, down-with-America sites, anti-[insertgrouphere] sites, online gambling, etc. But they don't filter deviantART, something for which I am glad. Well, that's only half true. Every once in a while, I'll find an image that looks mondo-awesome and I'll click on the thumb only to have it refuse to load. When I right-click and go to "View Image," it gives me the finger: "This image has been blocked in response to the Conficker Virus, the Microsoft IE Zero-Day vulnerability, or some other equally serious vulnerability."


This is happening ALL OVER deviantART, and I emailed OpenDNS on Friday. NO RESPONSE within the "you should expect a response within 24 hours" period. Come on, OpenDNS, I have virus protection that NOTHING can get through and I use Mozilla freaking FIREFOX for Pete's sake. Let me have my deviantART!
No, that's not a French word. I'm a Dvorak user and it's my asdf.

I'm going to be focusing more on developing my photography. I'm also going to try and keep updating Mark and Mel...but it doesn't look like I'll have a lot of time to draw comics. Maybe I'll get a bit ahead and then start uploading. But then it won't really be able to be a thinly veiled political comic like I originally intended it. *sigh* I hate how the day has only 24 hours.

Now for a pointless emoticon spam.

:la: :dummy: :eager: :turbopoke:
I'm working at the awesome camp that is Leoni Meadows again, and will be largely on hiatus until the second week or so of August. Just letting you guys know. After camp I plan on getting a new laptop and a longboard so that I can have some bomb awesome fun. I'll also have a bunch of art and songs to post.
Is it just me, or all the frontpage deviations a) nude "art" that really isn't art, b) anime fanart involving obvious or yaoi pairings, c) kittens that are only moderately cute, d) random crap that makes no sense or e) the result of fangirling or fanboying?

I'm getting sick of deviantART. The good stuff never gets seen.
Is this new Team Edward avvie an April Fools' Day joke? Because it's not bloody funny.
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It's baaaaaack! Now that I actually have a job and ear actual money, I can pay for a sub again. Now I shall play around with CSS and stuff.

Oh, and did I mention...I went on a date on Friday night! *cough* I'll have to come up with a second one. :date:
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I am SICK and TIRED of anti-GOP sentiment. And I'm especially sick of stereotyping conservatives. I read a comment on a Young Turks video on YouTube that said, "Pat Robertson is a typical Republican. That's why Democrats are more popular."

If there's one way to make me blow my top, it's to say "typical x", especially when "x" is something that partly defines ME.

Pat Robertson is NOT a "typical Republican." The "typical Republican" in question is a hater. A bigot. Somebody who blames the Southern California wildfires of the mid 00s on gay marriage. Somebody who blames the Haiti tragedy on a pact with the Devil. I'm begging your pardon, but NOT ALL REPUBLICANS ARE CRAZY, BIGOTED SCUMBAGS WHO SEEK TO FULFILL ONLY THEIR OWN AGENDA!

Part of me wants to change to an Independent because I'm sick of partisan politics. But part of me wants to change to avoid this STUPID "Republicans are x" bull-ess. I don't stereotype because GOD doesn't want me to. You're black? You're still human. You're gay? You're still human. You're a Democrat? You're still human. You're a serial killer? You're still human. You're an atheist? You're still human. You're the Pope? You're still human. I view everybody through the same eyes. And I am a registered Republican. So STOP CALLING ME NAMES! STOP CALLING ME CRAZY! STOP CALLING ME A HATER, RACIST, BIGOT, SEXIST, MISOGYNIST, or ANY OTHER name you can come up with that describes the "typical Republican."

Calling me names makes you NO BETTER than the ideology you're trying to demean.
I'm having a fantastic time preparing for NaNoWriMo this year. I'll be writing about the maiden voyage of the Halcyon, the first of Earth's interstellar ships. I plan on submitting several related deviations.
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