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Inktober 2019 #1 - Ring


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Inktober 2019 #1 - Ring


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Inktober 2019 #1 - Ring

Inktober 2019

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Sketchtember 2019 #1 - Poisonous

Sketchtember 2019

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New Conlang Outline: Lhoresla

Name: Łoresla A Priori or Posteriori?: A priori Isolate or in a Family?: Main dialect of the Łoresan family Inherited Language Features: Head-marking in the verb, somewhat dependent-marking in the noun. Also, minimal case marking. How Many Numbers?: 2-3 Which Numbers?: Singular, plural, and in some dialects, dual. Native Script: Flishiγ Romanised?: Yes, but not in-universe. Script "Depth": Somewhat shallow Predominant Affix Type: Predominantly prefixing Variable or Absolute Suffixes?: Mostly variable affixes Morphosyntactic Alignment: Nouns are unmarked for A, S, and O.   Primary Word Order: Virtually, if not completely f

Conlangs - Lhoresla

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Star Wars: Forbidden (I) - Old Enemies

***This is 6,000 words strong. SEE ARTIST'S COMMENTS for a PDF download link.*** I stared out over the battlefield, surveying the scene before me. Red and blue lasers lit the orange sand, merchants of death doing their job with consummate professionalism. As a Jedi, I was no stranger to death. But war? This was something that I hoped I would never have to face. A dozen lives ended every second, and I felt every last one of them. I sensed a solitary clone trooper standing behind me. Clones were different; as far as the Force was concerned, they were empty shells: without purpose, without souls of their own. And yet, somehow, they were still

Star Wars - Forbidden

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100 Themes 1

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A rose is a beautiful thing But still every rose, they say, has its thorn. And I love you like a rose so pure, And I'm knocking, you see, but you just won't open the door. I pour my heart into being your friend But it seems you won't see that I'd give you roses and breakfast in bed. I'd hold you gently and cradle your head. I'd be there forever, I'd squeeze tight your hand. But you just won't see that I could be your man. Rain is a beautiful thing. And the clouds, they say, have silver linings. But when I look, all I see is grey. There's light somewhere out there, but the clouds are in the way. It's so hard to say that the sun'


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Hra'anh Script

Conlangs - Hra'anh

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Conlang Outline: Llorkxeela

Name: The Elven Language (Imaginative, I know) Native Name: Llorkëla /ˌɬoɾ.'kʼé.la/ Native Short Name: N/A A Priori or Posteriori?: A Priori Isolate or in a Family?: Llorësan family (dragon languages) Inherited Language Features: Palatal laterals, ejectives, some vowel devoicing How Many Numbers?: 4 Which Numbers?: Singular, dual, trial, plural Native Script: Yes, though it is the only written Llorësan language. Romanised?: Yes. The only diacritic is the diaresis, which indicates high tone. Why did I use the diaresis instead of the macron like Pinyin? Because a macron doesn't look Elvish. :P


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