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Stupid. Worthless. Bird-brained. Sick.
These are the words that will break a heart quick.
These are the words that, like sticks and stones
Are used e'er so often to pummel our bones.

Times have gone by when I've heard every day,
"We have to stop bullying those who are gay.
"We have to stop bullying those on the left.
"We have to show all our cultural best."

But what about me? I am quiet and shy.
I keep to myself; you can't understand why.
My life is so noisy inside of my head.
I'm constantly thinking; that's why I'm well read.

I'm not antisocial; the opposite's true.
I really like people; just in groups that are few.
And what of my naturally sensitive way:
A love for all people, I treat them all the same way.

And speaking of that, there's another thing here:
It's a thing that I've always held ever so dear.
Conservative values, I learned from my dad,
And also from Mom. Yes, for both I am glad.

Stupid. Worthless. Radical. Sick.
These are the words that incense me, and quick.
You sit and berate me for having no heart.
But look at my life! I'm a lover of art.

I play every instrument you put in my hands.
I'm studying languages from five foreign lands.
I've written more fiction than you've ever read,
And yet you still say that I'm empty in head?

You say that you want to end bullying now;
Not a question of when, but a question of how.
So next time you try to put out my lights,
Remember: you're becoming the thing that you're trying to fight.

The moral of the story:
If you put more importance on this thingy called race
Than you put on the fact that I'm human in face;
If you put more importance on my chromosome pairs
Than you put on the fact that for humans I care;

If you put more importance on the party I am
Than you put on the fact that we're from the same land;
If you put no importance on the things that I do,
Well look in the mirror; you're bigoted, too.

I'm not defined by the labels you give;
I am defined by the way that I live.
By content of character I judge each and all;
Not by appearance, will they stand or they fall.

So if you think that you are enlightened, we'll see.
Are you open to thinking from both sides, like me?
Do you ponder and think, or do you rush to the end?
Do you reach out to others, or do you alienate friends?
Staunch, partisan liberals are the biggest anti-bullying advocates I've ever seen, and I applaud them for that. But they can also be some of the biggest bullies. I don't think they realize that the conservatives they berate have thoughts, feelings, and legitimate opinions, too. They profess to be open minded, but they close their minds to their conservative brethren.

A third-world philanthropist said it best: "Every adult human has roughly 5.6 liters of blood." That's the only thing that should matter. Our experiences and appearances may be different, but each one of us is equal. When you start truly believing that, you will reach true enlightenment.

15 quatrains of non-strict dactylic tetrameter in an AABB rhyme scheme.
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April 8, 2013
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