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If Music Be the Food of Love
If music be the food of love, today
We settle for a dreadful, processed fare
That leaves us ever wand'ring on our way
And leaves us gasping for the fresher air.
We hunger for the sweet and sav'ry treats
That music once provided long ago;
But when one finds, one rarely ever eats,
Dismissing, as it were, as naught but woe.
But music often sadness does describe,
And not just happiness or lust or mirth—
Yea, music can be bitter to imbibe,
But in that music many find more worth.
And those who search for music free from strife
Will never know the pains of truest life.
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Star Wars: Forbidden (VI) - To Corellia by mbrsart
Mature content
Star Wars: Forbidden (VI) - To Corellia :iconmbrsart:mbrsart 0 0
Handywrite - The Infinite Shining Heavens by mbrsart Handywrite - The Infinite Shining Heavens :iconmbrsart:mbrsart 3 0 Puffball by mbrsart Puffball :iconmbrsart:mbrsart 7 0 10 Questions: a Response by mbrsart 10 Questions: a Response :iconmbrsart:mbrsart 1 3
Conlang Outline - Chil
Name: Чil (also spelled Chil)
A Priori or Posteriori?: Both. I've borrowed a lot of elements from other languages, including ancient Greek and Hebrew, Dothraki (marginally), and English, as well as a priori elements.
Isolate or in a Family?: Isolate
Inherited Language Features: Some vocabulary and grammar, and a lot of morphology comes from Greek and Hebrew.
How Many Numbers?: 3
Which Numbers?: Singular, dual, and plural (mirroring the Hebrew system).
Native Script: Planned, but nothing fleshed out.
Romanised?: Yes.
Script "Depth": Almost completely phonemic.
Predominant Affix Type: Haven't gotten that far, but it'll probably be predominantly suffixing.
Variable or Absolute Suffixes?: Affixes are large absolute, but some of them can change.
Morphosyntactic Alignment: Fluid-S
Primary Word Order: Defaults to SVO
Alternate Word Order: Word order is largely free
Head Position: Ver
:iconmbrsart:mbrsart 4 15
Star Wars: Forbidden (V) - Cleanup on Eisla IV by mbrsart Star Wars: Forbidden (V) - Cleanup on Eisla IV :iconmbrsart:mbrsart 1 3 Star Wars: Forbidden (IV) - The Games You Play by mbrsart Star Wars: Forbidden (IV) - The Games You Play :iconmbrsart:mbrsart 2 3
New Conlang Outline: Lhoresla
Name: Łoresla
A Priori or Posteriori?: A priori
Isolate or in a Family?: Main dialect of the Łoresan family
Inherited Language Features: Head-marking in the verb, somewhat dependent-marking in the noun. Also, minimal case marking.
How Many Numbers?: 2-3
Which Numbers?: Singular, plural, and in some dialects, dual.
Native Script: Flishiγ
Romanised?: Yes, but not in-universe.
Script "Depth": Somewhat shallow
Predominant Affix Type: Predominantly prefixing
Variable or Absolute Suffixes?: Mostly variable affixes
Morphosyntactic Alignment: Nouns are unmarked for A, S, and O.  
Primary Word Order: Virtually, if not completely free
Alternate Word Order: VSO
Head Position: Head initial
Language Type: Synthetic
Secondary Type: Agglutinating
Different Registers?: yes
Amount of Registers: 2
Types of Registers: Literary, colloquial
:iconmbrsart:mbrsart 2 1
Ulhork'e Af Ufsath Commentary by mbrsart Ulhork'e Af Ufsath Commentary :iconmbrsart:mbrsart 2 0 Script demo - Flishigh by mbrsart Script demo - Flishigh :iconmbrsart:mbrsart 4 1 Hra'anh - Matthew 5 vv. 1-10 by mbrsart Hra'anh - Matthew 5 vv. 1-10 :iconmbrsart:mbrsart 3 9 Star Wars: Forbidden (III) - Trouble on Tatooine by mbrsart Star Wars: Forbidden (III) - Trouble on Tatooine :iconmbrsart:mbrsart 0 0 Star Wars: Forbidden (II) - New Friends by mbrsart Star Wars: Forbidden (II) - New Friends :iconmbrsart:mbrsart 1 0
Star Wars: Forbidden (I) - Old Enemies
***This is 6,000 words strong. SEE ARTIST'S COMMENTS for a PDF download link.***
I stared out over the battlefield, surveying the scene before me. Red and blue lasers lit the orange sand, merchants of death doing their job with consummate professionalism. As a Jedi, I was no stranger to death. But war? This was something that I hoped I would never have to face. A dozen lives ended every second, and I felt every last one of them.
I sensed a solitary clone trooper standing behind me. Clones were different; as far as the Force was concerned, they were empty shells: without purpose, without souls of their own. And yet, somehow, they were still alive.
"General Tek-Farr, I have report, sir," said the clone. I waited for him to continue, and he took my silence as permission. "We have the advantage. It may be an uphill battle, sir, but if projections are accurate, we will emerge victorious."
"And what of casualties?" I asked.
"Four hundred KIA," he replied. "That does not include Jedi, sir."
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Mature content
Think Twice :iconmbrsart:mbrsart 0 0

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I've been trying to pick my favorite image from this series, and it's really hard to do. All of them are fantastically expressive, with...

This freaking chapter will be the death of me. After losing access to the draft for six whole months, and even when I got it back, schoolwork derailed any hope of editing. This quarter, I've been working on it during my Film Lit labs rather than paying close attention to the film. The good news is that I'm 2/3 of the way through. The bad news is that I won't be updating until probably the middle of June. I've had to rewrite major portions of the chapter to fit all the world building and research I've been doing in the last few months. I've begun to solidify my timeline, though I still have a lot of dead air between early 21 BBY (just after the Zillo Beast Incident) and 19 BBY (the events of Revenge of the Sith). I've also adapted my narrative style to be less transparent and much more like Essek is narrating his story to the reader from-- Well, I won't spoil it.

This chapter is going to be another really long one, somewhere around 50 pages (at 25,000+ words, it's a freaking novella), so I'm debating whether I should split it up into multiple parts or whether I should just put it in its own PDF.

Also, when the whole thing is done, I'm planning on releasing it as a single work in PDF, .epub, and .mobi. When I read Past Sins, a brilliantly written, 400-page My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfic, I downloaded it in .epub format, converted it, and put it on my Kindle so that I could better read it, since I find reading a long, scrolling document on a 16:9 computer screen to be difficult. I want a page at a time, dangit!

But I digress. New chapter is coming soon, hopefully before mid-June. I've also got drafts going for the next few chapters--and a working computer to write them--so updates hopefully won't be so sporadic.


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I started my creative juices flowing in 2005 when I created the hra'vakh , a race of humanoid amphibians from the planet Hra. Seven years later, I've built their culture, their language, and their story while honing my skills as a writer and, to a lesser extend, an artist.

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