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Mac lion theme for ubuntu11.10

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Mac OS X Lion Theme For Ubuntu 11.10 GTK3

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Invalid or Deleted File
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Can you please tell your conky configuration
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Hey there, thank you so much for your Work your effort. Me and a lot of other guys just love your Mac OS X Lion Theme for Ubuntu.

Unfortunatly it doesnt work anymore with ubuntu 12.04. Which sucks even more, considering that 12.04 is a LTS Version...

Would you please customize the Theme for 12.04? We promise we wont bug you for the next 5 years - LTS ;-) You would make a lot of ppl very happy by that. I'd be even willing to pay for that Theme...

Actually this is the reason why i decided to move completly to Ubuntu. With the Original Ubuntu Theme by Canonical i would not switched to M$ a long time ago. But with the look of your theme its simply beautiful [link]

Pleeeeeeaase [link]
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yes its released and you can download now


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Could you make a theme for Google Chrome too?
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The close/min/max buttons on the Unity Panel aren't changing because the theme author put the unity folder in the gtk-3 directory instead of on the same level as it. I believe you can simply move this folder out and have it change; however, it uses bizarre, non-OSX-looking buttons for the unity panel. You can correct this by finding the original OSX button elements in the theme folder and copying/pasting them into the Unity folder and renaming them accordingly. In order to refresh the theme on your screen, you'll need to go into gnome-tweak-tool and change the gtk+ theme to something else and then change it back to OSX.

See attached image for my corrections:

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Thanks for the advice my I am not very experienced user of linux.
Can you please give step by step noobs friendly instructions to fix this issue.

Kind regards
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Just "a bit" ugly with precise... [link]
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the gnome tweak thing says that it's not going to install because its broken, what do i do?
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I installed this, everything is in the right folders, yet I have white text in the Global Menu bar. Any way to fix this?
And can we get an icon for the Workplace Switcher? I hate that black box with a gear in it.
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sorry, but this is a piece of crap. no antialiased window corners, totally wrong widget controls, and incorrect positioning make this utter shit.
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Cool story bro. Link to your better version, please.
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I could not install the cursor, you can help me?
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I could not install the cursor, you can help me?
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I would really appreciate if you made the textcolor white when hovering over them (in nautilus and menu). Otherwise; very cool theme! Keep up the good work!
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this file is kinda big?
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I'm new to Linux, and the instructions in the readme completely baffle me. What is HOME .icons? Can somebody give me a rundown on what I have to put where?
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When in your personal folder > Ctrl + H and it will show all the hidden folders. If you can't find .icons folder, create it.
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Finally a MAC OS theme for GTK3!!! Thank you so much, man!
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I don't know why but whenever i try and use your metacity theme, It crashes metacity completely. I had to resort to removing the theme from console, any idea why ?
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