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The Treasure del Diablo By John T. Wayne by MBLPress The Treasure del Diablo By John T. Wayne by MBLPress

Bobby Joe’s life takes an unexpected turn when he witnesses a murder.

While searching for the lost treasure del Diablo, Bobby Joe is stranded in an unforgiving desert environment when his last mule dies. With no alternative, he begins the grueling walk to water and safety.

Saved by the dead man’s horse, and finding a letter from an uncle to the murdered man, Bobby Joe makes the life-changing decision to assume the identity of the look-alike dead man. Taking over someone’s life is never easy, but Bobby Joe’s situation is even more perilous as he avoids attempts on his life, a hostile takeover, an Arizona Ranger, determined to get answers, and the wife of the murdered man who knows Bobby Joe isn’t who he says he is.

Not giving up on his dream of finding the lost treasure del Diablo, he enlists the help of a ranch hand while he takes over as the new owner of the Slash M.

Can he earn the love of the woman who sees through his facade and save the ranch before his deception is exposed?…

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February 6, 2018
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