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My Back Roads By Venita Griffin by MBLPress My Back Roads By Venita Griffin by MBLPress

The stories I have collected for this book are stark reminders of just how illusive back roads can be.

Logan's Mountain tells of a woman who thought she knew her husband well. But when he failed to return home from work one morning, Cora feared the worst.

A Book for Samuel is a tragic tale of a mother's love. Miranda Dalton was determined to raise her child on her own, but she hadn't counted on getting sick. The lessons his mother taught him about survival were never meant for acts of revenge. However, desperate times called for desperate measures and thanks to a tiny little girl and a muddy green frog, Samuel gained the courage to retaliate.

Robbery at the Dollar General. When Ellie Crawford took the oath as a nurse she took her profession very serious. She would have never imagined just how that very oath would test her own will to live. 

Till Death Do Us Part is a story of a true test of vows.

Not everything happens in big cities. On the back roads of any state, there is intrigue, mystery, and stories no one knows.

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May 3, 2017
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